State School Superintendent Survey

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has given a survey to all 500,000 11 State School Superintendent candidates. The questions included the candidate’s positions on the following:

  • The implementation of higher standards (like the Common Core State Standards) in Georgia.
  • The continued implementation of the Career Pathways initiative in Georgia.
  • Allocating state funds to local schools based on the needs of their students
  • Giving local schools the flexibility to spend state funds as they see fit, as long as they improve student outcomes.
  • High-quality charter schools authorized by the state or local boards of education
  • Please give examples of how you’ve worked with the business community to improve educational outcomes in Georgia, and how you would do so if elected.
  • In particular, what action would you take to close the growing soft skills gap in Georgia?

If you need some help deciding on who to vote for on Tuesday, then go here. Its the spreadsheet with all the candidates responses.

One comment

  1. ryanhawk says:

    That is somewhat helpful. I’ve now eliminated each candidate who said “oppose” to the Charter question (as well as the candidate that is obviously misleading us about “favoring” charters). That said I’m pretty sure there are important differences between the candidates that are obscured by these answers. I.e. Mike Buck, Allen Fort, Fitz Johnson, Alisha Morgan, Kira Willis, and Valerie Wilson all favor each of the positions favored by the Georgia Chamber though there are very obvious differences between them.

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