Morning Reads for Friday, May 16th, 2014

Happy Friday Before the Primary Election, everyone!


  • Politico takes a look at the Georgia Senate race, and sees a push to the right.
  • Salon posits David Perdue’s campaign is dead after he talks about raising revenue.
  • Political Insider tells of a Karen Handel endorsement, which was quickly followed by a robocall.
  • The AJC reports progress on funding the rebuilding of the I-285/Georgia 400 interchange in Atlanta.
  • The Gwinnett Daily Post describes demonstrations against Gwinnett County Schools because of alleged discrimination.
  • PolicyMic points out that Georgia might be a better place to make movies than Hollywood.


  • The Washington Post details a meeting of social conservatives trying to keep control of the Republican Party base.
  • The New York Times says the Obama administration is still trying to figure out how to close Gitmo.
  • Deadspin draws a chart showing how voters spend time on the Internet
  • While Mental Floss maps the most popular language in each state beyond English and Spanish.
  • Kevin Williamson of National Review speculates on the real meaning of the IRS targeting conservative groups.
  • The AJC has the video of Jameis making his run with the crab legs.

Do you have some other news? Let us know, cause this is an open thread!


  1. Noway says:

    Is Perdue to become 2014’s version of Walter Mondale for saying he’d raise taxes? And if he says he’ll raise taxes he should be defeated. There is no need to raise one more additional dime. What needs to be done is to cut the budget (spending) with a meat ax…Vote buying has/is literally killed this country. Let the people who’ve actually earned it keep more of it.
    Start by cutting the entire federal budget by 5%, no exceptions for nada, not the sainted law enforcement and firemen, granny, nobody. Isn’t 17 trillion in debt enough?

  2. blakeage80 says:

    Man, I would have thought the Sal Russo’s (Sal Russo of supporting amnesty fame) endorsement of Handel and Paul Broun pouncing on her immigration credentials might have made the radar. It was, if nothing else, and epic Twitter flaming.

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