Campaign Finance Shenanigans

H/T to Political Insider.

The Speaker’s race for reelection has certainly got some press over here at Peach Pundit the last couple of weeks. From the less than honest attack ads, to the lack of decorum and Southern courtesy, Col. Poole’s response, and a now a questionable giveaway, this race has been full of twists and turns.

The $5,000 at the aforementioned questionable giveaway has now added a new twist. Ray Boyd had already maxed out his campaign contributions to Sam Snider. Ray Boyd is also the one who offered the $5,000 to one lucky attendee of the press conference. The recipient of the $5000 was a gentleman named Glen Snider. If that last name sounds familiar, there is indeed a relation to Sam Snider. Glen happens to be Sam’s dad, who has already maxed out to the campaign.

This all seems kind of coincidental, but there is yet another twist. When you look a campaign disclosure and see that Snider’s Mother gave a maxed out contribution Monday after the press conference. Now this could be an honest mistake due to lack of familiarity with campaign finance.  What do y’all think? Is this just coincidence or is there something shady going on?


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I’m sure it’s an “honest” mistake… *cough* cough*

    Slightly off topic, but related.. is anyone but me troubled by the insane amount of missing disclosures from our 800+ candidates running? The two Dem SoS candidates haven’t filed a single disclose between them. Numerous others are missing in statewide races.

    At this point do you think they all looked at the Ethics Office and said “Why Bother, no one’s home at 200 Piedmont Rd ” and blew it off cause they know their isn’t anyone there to catch them?

    • It’s like this every election year. I especially love it when a candidate is running on a campaign of “ethics” and doesn’t bother to comply with current law.

      Most of this is ignorance of the law I suspect, but if you’re going to run for office you ought to make yourself familiar with the rules. They’re very easy to obtain, the Campaign Finance Commission has it right there on their website available for download.

  2. arkman says:

    I really would rather have someone that has his parents donating than big corporations from out of state..Isn’t interesting how Wal-mart is coming to blue ridge and how much it has contributed to mr. Ralston’s campaign. I really want someone to represent me and not corporations.

  3. arkman says:

    and what is the max? Is $500 the max because that is all that Glen Snider gave his son

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