Morning Reads: Thursday, May 15

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  1. Harry says:

    That’s good work that Salvation Army is doing with Haven Atlanta to engage prostitutes including trannies, but Creative Loafing shouldn’t expect SA to stop referring to homosexuality as a sin. It is sin, and Jesus sets the example how to confront sin in ourselves and others.

    • Chet Martin says:

      Perhaps we should prioritize? It hardly seems moral to deny victims of sexual-trafficking the relief SA would otherwise provide because they are gay or transgender. Thankfully, Atlanta’s SA knows this and is providing assistance to all victims of sex-trafficking

    • Ellynn says:

      “Love one another as I have loved you”, “love thy neighbor…”

      Last I looked, Jesus has not posted an addendum to this or added an exception.

        • Will Durant says:

          I actually agree with you that Creative Loafing is inserting their own editorial comments on the beliefs of the Salvation Army. Even though in this case the SA is doing what should be perceived as the most Christian act by giving shelter to “sinners”. As you know I am firmly in the camp of keeping a separation of Church and State, but if you are going to continue to use scripture to back your political beliefs then allow me to point out an anachronism in your religious beliefs. Starting with the quote you present here.

          It depends upon whose version of the Bible you hold to be inerrant as to whether those words can be attributed to Jesus or not. Most Biblical scholars agree that the KJV verses denoted as John 7:53-8:11 were not part of the original text. The first Greek texts to include the story of the adulteress did not appear until a couple of centuries after the earliest ones we have on record.

          One certainty is that no version considered to be canonical has any direct quote from Jesus himself condemning homosexuality.

          • Harry says:

            To my knowledge Jesus didn’t condemn specific forms of carnal excess, just sin in general. He made it clear that adultery is sin and not good, and homosexuality is a deviant form of adultery – at least, according to all versions of the Bible with which I’m familiar.

            • Will Durant says:

              Well he did point out that lust in your heart was the same as adultery as well. Which means I committed adultery more times in a 2 hour trip to the mall today than is possible for an 18-year old male to physically commit in an entire weekend. You may as well judge me too while you’re judging. Oh, wait a minute I think he has some quotes pertaining to that as well…

              My purpose in bringing this up is not to argue the nuances of Christianity or any other religion. I’m attempting to point out the irony of your quotation of a verse that Augustine and others determined that even if Jesus didn’t say it he would have while you are doing the same regarding what he didn’t say about homosexuality.

              The libertarian in me rejects the State giving any advantage or disadvantage to any group based on religious definitions of “sin”.

  2. notsplost says:

    Re: Isakson’s comments – I’ll take the bait here.

    So Johnny thinks his most important responsibility is to bring home the Federal bacon. I guess little things like defending the constitution from rogue agencies (cough – NSA!) and committing our sons and daughters to fight in foreign wars are just minor details buried on page 12 of his job description.

    That speaks volumes to the situation we’re in.

  3. John Vestal says:

    From the Department of C̶i̶r̶c̶u̶l̶a̶r̶ Lemniscular Logic:

    In response to Mississippi’s passage of a “religious freedom” law (hey, that sounds familiar), some businesses…led by a Jackson bakery…began a campaign to let people know that their businesses would not be using the law to discriminate against any potential customers. The “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling” group started printing/distributing small window stickers businesses could display stating as much.

    Well, the campaign really took off and stickers have made it into the windows of a couple of hundred businesses around the state….and some requests from out of state have also been filled.

    So how do the idiot-savants at The American Family Association view this campaign? Well, it’s bullying…that’s what it is!

    “Ironically,this sticker represents the very promotion of discrimination…against the freedom of religious convictions. Businesses that display this sticker believe Christians should be forced, by law, to embrace homosexuality and deny their faith in personal business practices.”

    Sore Winners: Christian Group Offended by Mississippi Businesses That Won’t Discriminate Against Gays

    (If that “logic” doesn’t make your head hurt, someone spiked your coffee this morning.) :>)

    • saltycracker says:

      Euroclear is a multi trillion dollar player for a lot of interests. Imagine it is multiple players, global corporations, sovereign nations and all those needing to hold US dollars but get outside the arm of the Feds. Gotta keep those bucks outa reach of taxes and sanctions.

        • saltycracker says:

          That’d take trillions. This seems like foreign suspect leaders and their minions…..there are a boatload of them in many countries, including Putin, insuring that US sanctions can’t get to their stash. Then we have our international corporations working tax avoidance….the world is awash in billionaires and as wealth consolidates it more interesting.

          Our own politicians, democrats and republicans envy this life. Their small honey pots are called “leadership PACS”.

          • Harry says:

            OK, probably the Bank of Russia dumped 20% of their Treasury debt only to be repurchased – and much more – by frightened oligarchs.

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