Freedomworks on #GASEN: Elect a Conservative, Not Perdue

Freedomworks For America issued a press release this morning asking Georgia voters to “Choose a conservative, not Perdue at the ballot box.”

FreedomWorks for America: “Elect a Conservative, Not Perdue”
in the Georgia GOP Senate Primary

After pledging to oppose tax hikes,
David Perdue flip flops to acknowledge the “reality” of revenue increases

Washington, DC- In a Macon Telegraph editorial board meeting, Republican Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue called tax increases an unavoidable “reality,” explaining to the table of reporters:

“Well here’s the reality: If you go into a business, and I keep coming back to my background, it’s how I know how to relate is to refer back to it — I was never able to turn around a company just by cutting spending. You had to figure out a way to get revenue growing. And what I just said, there are five people in the U.S. Senate who understand what I just said. You know revenue is not something they think about.”

The comments are a red flag warning for fiscal conservatives, considering Perdue pledged to reject tax increases in any form.

“I challenge David Perdue to find one Georgia conservative who believes that the Senate dealmakers in Washington don’t ‘think about revenue’ often enough. Perdue’s squishy response shows that it’s not enough for politicians to just sign a piece of paper, they have to be held accountable by the people,” commented FreedomWorks for America National Political Director Russ Walker.

“There are a number of conservative candidates in the Georgia Senate Republican Primary, but David Perdue is not one of them. We encourage all Georgia voters to see David Perdue for the backroom dealmaker that he really is, and choose a ‘conservative, not Perdue’ at the ballot box.”

FreedomWorks for America is a grassroots service center to a community of over 6 million activists supporting candidates who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government. For more information, please visit or contact Jackie Bodnar at [email protected].


  1. DavidTC says:

    I’m so glad the Koch brothers have weighed in on who they think Georgia should elect. We were all waited for that with bated breath. If there’s one thing we like here in the South, it’s people from Kansas telling us who to put in office.

    Please, continue operating as avenging carpetbaggers, swooping in to tell every single locality that ‘Do not under any circumstances elect someone to represent you who might conceivable vaguely hint at the need to possibly decide to raise taxes’.

    • DrGonzo says:

      The avenging carpetbagger is Mr. Perdue, considering he hasn’t lived in this state for the vast majority of his adult life.

      • DavidTC says:

        And that would be a valid complaint about him.

        I’m no fan of Perdue, although if we do end up with a Republican, he seems the least insane of the bunch.

        But as I’m a Democrat, I’d possibly rather someone like Handel or Broun win the primary, so they can then lose to Nunn. (Assuming we wouldn’t be insane enough to elect them, which causes me to sometimes hope for Perdue Tuesday, just in case.)

        I was actually taking issue with non-local billionaires running around trying to tell the people of Georgia how to vote for representation.

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