2014 Primary Election prediction survey, Day 2 results

487 votes have been cast thusfar. Thanks for your participation. Here are the results right now:

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Didn’t register your opinion yesterday? It’s not too late. Take the survey below the fold and discuss how your fellow Peach Pundit readers got it right or wrong in the comments. Cumulative results will be posted again tomorrow morning.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Interesting to compare these predictions to polling for down-ballot races. The only polling on down-ballot races I’ve seen is from WXIA/SurveyUSA. All three polls in the series show Liz Johnson leading Keith Heard by a wide margin. Two weeks ago, it showed Johnson leading Heard 48%-28%, and yesterday’s poll shows the lead at 43%-26%.

    I know the Peach Pundit predictions are completely unscientific and just for fun, but I would imagine that the readership here is pretty savvy and politically astute… anyone have any thoughts on this primary race? (And yes, I know the winner hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell in the general).

  2. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    If you vote for Buddy Carter he will drop legislation for your profession.

  3. novicegirl says:

    In down ballot races, with lots of candidates, a major advantage goes to first and last on the ballot and women. In GOP school superintendent , I don’t know anything about Mary Kay Bacallao or Richard Woods, but for the previously stated reasons, I think they will be in the runoff.

    Ashely Bell has an advantage in having a woman’s name, but there is already a woman above him on the ballot. I know a good bit of the GOP insiders favor Ashley, but he was unable to hold his county commission seat, as an incumbent, and less than 1% of the actual statewide primary voters probably know who he is. Not trying to be critical of him for not holding his seat, but just pointing out that in light of his performance as an incumbent county commissioner, there is nothing overly unique about him (such as PR genius or ability to raise money) that will propel him over the top of the ballot. To bad for him, normally “Bell” would be at the top of the ballot and he could have won.

    My pick for the Democrat Superintendent Nominee is Tarnisha Dent, for being top of the ballot, a woman and the benefit of an African American sounding name in a primary that is dominated by black women.

    Bubba will win PSC, because his opponents haven’t raised two nickels to rub together.

    In the two other Democrat, down-ballot, statewide primaries, give it to the women, for the previous reasons.

  4. novicegirl says:

    I think some states randomize ballot position, which might be more fair, versus giving political offices to people who were blessed with an alphabetically advantageous last name.

  5. James Fannin says:

    Ashley is not a woman’s name. Ever heard of “Gone With The Wind?” Of course in the Disney movie by the same name, Bambi wasn’t a female name either.

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