Cherokee County Candidate Candidate Caught In Fib?

In her appearance before the Cherokee County GOP vetting committee, candidate Jackie Archer answered “No” to a question about whether or not she had ever filed bankruptcy. You can see the answer for yourself right after the 17 M 30S mark in this video:

Simple enough. But since it’s oppo-drop season, we were shown a bunch of documents that purport to show that Ms. Archer did in fact file for a bankruptcy shortly after or maybe during her divorce, and that during her second marriage she managed to somehow convert the bankruptcy from one kind to another kind and then transferred real estate becauzzzzzz… And then we fell asleep. Because as much as we admire detailed opposition dirt-digging from 1999, too many facts make any story boring.

Ms. Archer’s answer will no doubt enrage (some of) the voters in Cherokee County, who will no doubt angrily demand answers, but they should at least be grateful that their local Republican party has a “vetting committee,” a mechanism to virtually guarantee that all their primary races will contain at least one “gotcha” moment for everybody.

Don’t ever change, Cherokee.


  1. Raleigh says:

    So should we trade a personal bankruptcy slip up for a public bankruptcy of trust as shown in the Cowart Mulch lawsuit against Cherokee County? After reading the Exhibits in the lawsuit I don’t think I’m going to let a personal slip up bother me that much.

    • Anyone But Chip says:

      Since she’s hammering her opponent on “fiscal responsibility” for a deal he wasn’t part of, it smacks a bit of hypocrisy. I always find it amusing that these TEA Party candidates hammer fiscal matters but yet can’t keep their own house in order and then are the quickest to use the personal government bail out known as bankruptcy.

      • Raleigh says:

        I don’t know Mr. Chip but her “slip up” hasn’t cost Cherokee County taxpayers 18.1 million plus interest until the year 2037.

        • Anyone But Chip says:

          Since Mike Byrd is not running and the only other person on the ballot is Buzz Ahrens, I’ll assume you are suggesting that it was his slip-up that has cost Cherokee County 18.1M dollars.

          Kind of hard to pin this on him when the deal was signed in 2005 (under Mike Byrd as Chairman) to guarantee the loans and Ahrens wasn’t elected until 2007.

          I’m not sure why I bother with facts, they never seem to matter to the TEA Party all that much.

          • Raleigh says:

            There is more that just one. There is a commissioner that was instrumental in using his vast accounting knowledge that is an asset to the county (his words not mine) in putting together this deal. Poor old Buzz came in just as the first checks were issued for the Ballground recycling fiasco. Buzz was elected in Nov 2006 and the checks were issued Oct 2007. So I’m not buying the he “had nothing to do with it” other than he did nothing to stop it.

          • Cherokee Voter says:

            Well you need to look at whos signed this deal.. hint, it wasn’t Mike Byrd.. Buzz owns this one…

          • Raleigh says:

            Well Mr Chip I now have a copy of the recycling agreement and it wasn’t Mike Bird who signed it on Sept 1 2007 it was Buzz Aherns. and today he ran an add it the local paper stating he had nothing to do with it and blaming it on Byrd. This man just lied about this and is trying to shift the blame to someone else. That speaks volumes of his integrity. Buzz Aherns should resign.

            • Anyone But Chip says:

              What you have Raleigh is the recycling agreement, what you need to be looking for are the bond funding documents. I’m sure you’ve got this thing all square in your head, but you and Cherokee Voter are still wrong. The bonds and their guarantee to move and build the new recycling facility (the heart of the issue) were authorized and signed in 2005 by the County Commission and by Mike Byrd as Chair…whether you want to face facts is up to you.

  2. South Fulton Guy says:

    I know nothing about that race, the candidates or the politics, but find the euphemism of “personal slip up” for lie very curious. Have you ever filed bankruptcy – that’s a yes no question without any nuances…

  3. Raleigh says:

    No. To your yes no question.

    Have you ever given business sensitive information to a competitor of a company you were in negotiations for multimillion dollar business deal then when you botched the deal and were sued claimed it was a frivolous lawsuit? That also is a yes no question.

    Now the real question is do you want more of the same or is a change in order. I guess that depends on which infraction you consider the most serious because right now there is no “None of the above” on the ballot.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      So you are saying NO she never filed for a bankruptcy correct and no I live most voters have not been involved in multi-million dollar business deals.

      • Raleigh says:

        What??? Your question ” Have you ever filed bankruptcy – that’s a yes no question without any nuances…” so I’m saying “I” never filed for bankruptcy. So I assume your question is directed to her and not me. My bad.

  4. JayJacket says:

    How can there be so much crazy in one county? And how does it all manage to flock to the CCRP?

  5. RickDavies says:

    First, thanks for the traffic to our site Mike!

    I’m not sure if today was a slow news day or not but in regards to your statements about the “vetting committee” (which has since been retitled to the interview committee given that we aren’t recommending anyone, just trying to provide some additional information for voters should they wish to watch it) we interview the candidates because we, the Executive Board of the CCRP, feel that it is important for candidates to have a stance and to document their stances to their constituents.

    We aren’t looking for “gotcha” moments, however, the candidates that agreed to be interviewed knew that these were going to be posted to a public website and they would most likely be scrutinized by their opponents for just these types of moments.

    We have been given mainly positive reviews by the candidates and by members of the CCRP as well as some folks outside of the county who have found value in these videos including those who initially expressed reservations about the process. I would think that most interested politicos would ask their local parties (both Republican and Democrats) to do the same and get their elected officials and those who would wish to represent the people on record so that in the future there is a way for the electorate to reference stances and beliefs that a candidate had in the past and it can be compared to their current stances and beliefs.

    As for never changing? Well, change is already happening as is evidenced by these videos. We think it is for the better but, ultimately, that will be decided by the party members and the community at large.

    Rick Davies
    Cherokee County Republican Party

    • Raleigh says:

      I might point out you will not find an interview from Buzz Aherns as he “Declined” the interview. That also said a lot so what’s he hiding?

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