Rodney Ho has a full wrap-up of the save WRAS campaign from inside the hallowed halls of Album 88. 

Unfortunately, what might be the true death knell is this:

Their key advisor, Jeff Walker, who has been the station’s rock for more than three decades, is coincidentally (or not) retiring in July and keeping his mouth shut, caught in the middle of a controversy not of his making.

Jeff has been involved with WRAS in some form or another since Radio at State began broadcasting. Album 88 would not have become what it was if it weren’t for all of his decades working at, or for the station. It will be impossible to replace him.

Here’s a great documentary about what WRAS is (was?) and how meaningful it was to so many people. It’s been making the rounds on FB the past few days and features a brief interview with a very young Edward.


  1. tomfromdecatur says:

    I was a student at Georgia Tech (I later went to grad school at Ga State). when WRAS went on the air and tuned in right away since there were few (WPLO, 103.3 was one, if my memory serves me right) radio stations that played what we now call “classic rock”.

    I remember early on that WRAS was asking the listeners to call in with their requests to “program” the station. Several of us would call in asking for “long” songs (In a gadda da vida, Time, Stairway to Heaven, etc.) , whole album sides (Thick as a Brick), Alice’s Restaurant and similar songs and they were played. We were in heaven.

    Later, I remember getting a phone call from some polling company and the person was very excited because I listened to FM radio all the time. It appeared they were looking for what commercials I heard on the radio and were puzzled when I did not remember ever hearing a commercial. I know why: WRAS was commercial free!

    We need independent, student radio stations like WRAS. Good luck with changing GSU’s new policy.

    Long time fan.

    Tom From Decatur

  2. Ed says:

    There’s also a benefit concert tomorrow night at Mammal Gallery which I’ll be posting about later.

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