Senate Candidates Release New Ads

With just over a week to go before the primary, Karen Handel and Jack Kingston have released new advertisements supporting their campaigns.

Handel’s new ad is called “Feisty.” In it, Handel highlights her background and experience, and compares herself briefly to David Perdue and the three congressmen also running for the Senate seat, calling them millionaire elitists and career politicians.

Based on an email sent to her supporters announcing the ad, it is expected to largely be seen on Facebook, and promoted via Facebook ads. The email states the campaign hopes the ad will reach over 150,000 people through social media.

Kingston’s ad, called Backward Proprities, points out how President Obama has reduced America’s military forces while growing government. Kingston reviews his time in Congress representing many of the state’s military bases, and promises to support the military if elected to the Senate.

The campaign states the ad will run in media markets across Georgia.