GOP School Superintendent Poll For Your Viewing Pleasure

This was sent to me via email. Here is a link.

Sharyl Dawes – 7.5% Richard Woods – 6.1% Mike Buck – 4.9% Mary Kaye Baccallo – 4.8% Ashley Bell – 4.6% Fitz Johnson – 3.5% Allen Fort – 2.1% Kira Willis – 1.4% Nancy Jester – 0.7% Undecided – 64.4%

(Atlanta, GA) — Former educator and former Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party Sharyl Dawes is showing a marginal lead over Richard Woods of Irwin County in a hotly contested race for Georgia’s next State School Superintendent. Sharyl Dawes and Richard Woods statistically tied within the margin of error in the The Grand Public Affairs Consulting’s survey conducted on May 11, 2014. Sharyl Dawes shows the highest percentage with 7.5% backing her while Richard Woods remains in a close second with 6.1%. The survey of 562 known Republican primary voters was conducted independent of any of the nine candidate teams by The Grand Public Affairs Consulting, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia and has a margin of error of 4.1%.

Mike Buck, however, shows a strong lead amongst purely male voters with 8.9% support, while Sharyl Dawes and Richard Woods show similar support amongst females with 8.0% and 7.7% support respectively.

Mike Buck, Mary Kaye Baccallo, and Ashley Bell are all virtually tied for third place with 4.9%, 4.8% and 4.6 % respectively. However, Ashley Bell shows a bit of an advantage amongst the younger crowd as voters ages 18-39 show 16.5% support versus an even 8.9% for both Buck and Baccallo.
The Grand Public Affairs Consulting conducted this statewide poll on May 11, 2014 of 562 known Republican Primary voters in Georgia. Only voters who completed the survey in its entirety were tabulated in the results. The results reflect only respondents who stated that they intend to vote in the 2014 Primary Election. The poll was conducted by telephone using IVR technology. The margin of error of the survey is 4.1%. To be consistent with previous and projected voter turnout, results are weighted based on age and gender.



  1. Jackster says:

    Although it would be more of a rigorous argument to queue up Todd Rhem’s tap dance around why his candidate did not do well in this sort of a poll, I’d rather just save your time and teeth with this youtube clip as my rebuttal:

    • Will Durant says:

      Picky, picky, they have a whole week to decide. Though there is no (I) beside any of the names and they are all Rs there is still plenty of time for eeny- meeny- miny- moe even if it does take both hands.

      • John Konop says:

        If Dawes wins it will hurt the party….she will make national news…..and make us look like fools….The Dems I am sure are hoping and praying…..I have a friend, not sure if his a republican anymore, who is married to an Asian lady and he was very upset….Another friend married to a Latino woman same compliant….both friends mid 30’s fiscal conservatives who said some very rough stuff about the racist call….both recorded it and played it to numerous people….not a smart long term strategy….Have they not figured out the new generations does care about race? When they say culture war and Mexicans do they not get it is insulting and hurting the party long term?

        • Will Durant says:

          I can assure you that it didn’t take me more than about 40 seconds to eliminate Ms. Dawes as my choice and I knew nothing about the robo-calls at the time. Had I known about them I could have narrowed down that time by 39 seconds. With the consensus pick being Undecided however and a field this big, name recognition will factor more than normal. If this race had a Real Housewife of Atlanta or a sidekick from HoneyBoo Boo they would be assured of at least making the runoff.

  2. Joe Pettit says:

    When not even one candidate cracks 10% the story isn’t who is and isn’t popular. The majority of republicans that are actually plugged in and paying attention probably don’t have a clue who they should vote for in this race. The only thing they know is that there is a lot of mud being slung around, which just makes them want this race to be over, and wish they didn’t have to vote for any of these candidates.

    • Will Durant says:

      And more than a few voters are wondering why this is even an elected position when the Governor and collaborating super majority legislature have the power to neuter the office holder to being only a figurehead.

  3. John Konop says:

    I heard Dawes campaign call it is scary racist call…. The strange part her point about teaching in English only I actually agree with….but calling it a culture war…and Mexicans….was way over the top….Can you not make your point without hate speech?

        • Three Jack says:

          Not sure that call will make any difference with regard to ‘minority outreach’. But as long as the GOP rewards folks like Kent with prominent appointments on racially charged boards, it will be difficult to portray itself as a welcoming spot for hispanics.

          • John Konop says:

            Bart I find myself agreeing with you more which scares me :)…..I do think he was a poor appointment and she be kicked off for this latest video….I do think Deal as done a good job overall….

      • ricstewart says:

        “Today is a Mexican holiday called Cinco de Mayo…”
        that only drunk white people celebrate, and that actual Mexicans don’t give a flying fig newton about.

      • southernpol says:

        The front page of her website has an image of a “Superintendent” nameplate and the caption links to her “experience”. But nowhere does it mention she has been a Superintendent.

        Am I missing something? Or is that super-misleading?

        • Ellynn says:

          The whole site is very basic. If you want to show you can handle runing the department of K-12 education in this state you need a website that looks better then your average k-12 student might design in his computer class for a homework assignment.

    • Ellynn says:

      Page 1 entry had the word ‘webpage’ in the ballitopedia decription. I stopped searching for the main feed of the website on page 15. If your website it not one of the top 150 entries based on just your name, you have issues.

    • ricstewart says:

      Her well-hidden, poorly-designed website isn’t a deciding factor for me, just an observation. She lost any chance at my vote when she announced her candidacy based on a ridiculous English-only platform.

  4. Mensa Dropout says:

    Kind of a silly platform as all tests ARE in English, and all instruction IS in Enlgish.

    Schools have interpreters for the parents who do not speak English.

    And what are schools going to do if a 16 year old comes to the US without English? We gonna pop that child into first grade and keep him or her there until s/he masters the English Language?
    Are we going to afford that child the ability to take math and science on a higher level while we keep the kid in first grade English?

    The whole thing is offensive, ill advised, and parts of it are illegal.
    Dawes needs to look up the ACCESS test.
    Dawes also needs to look up Plyer v. Doe.
    I might also suggest that she figure out what to do with the deaf kids who don’t “speak English”.
    Deaf and hard of hearing children need interpreters. What is she gonna do about them?

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