Another Day, Another #GASEN Poll

This one from NBC/Marist:

23% David Perdue

18% Jack Kingston

14% Karen Handel

11% Phil Gingrey

11% Paul Broun

1% Derrick Grayson

<1% Art Gardner

1% other

22% undecided

Some thoughts about where a runoff may start:

When it comes to the second choice of likely Republican primary voters with a candidate preference including early voters and those who voted by absentee ballot, 23% select Perdue.  Handel, Gingrey, and Kingston are each the backup for 13%.  An additional 8% cite Broun.  Grayson and Gardner each receives 2%.  Less than 1% of Republican primary voters with a candidate preference chooses someone else, and 25% are undecided.

Perdue is the second choice for 38% of Kingston’s supporters and 31% of Handel’s backers.  There is less consensus among those who are behind Perdue.  One in five — 20% — selects Kingston while 16% choose Gingrey.  An additional 16% of Perdue’s supporters cite Handel as their second choice.

When it comes to the favorability ratings of the top three candidates, more than six in ten likely Republican primary voters — 61% — have a favorable impression of Perdue.  Nine percent have an unfavorable view of him, and 6% have never heard of Perdue.  24% are unsure how to rate him. 49% of likely Republican primary voters think well of Kingston.  16% have a negative impression of him while 9% have never heard of Kingston.  26% are unsure how to rate him.

Looking at Handel’s favorability, 41% of likely Republican primary voters have a positive opinion of her while 18% have an unfavorable view of her.  14% have never heard of her, and 27% are unsure how to rate her.


  1. xdog says:

    For the last few weeks, every new poll was trumpeted as further evidence of Handel’s surge to the top. What’s the thinking on this result? Aberration, bad polling procedure, new trend, or just a bump in the road?

    I glanced through the tables and the most astounding number I found is that for respondents 18-29, only 2 percent picked Handel. That’s 1 in 50 folks. She managed to gain the support of only 6 percent of under-45s. What’s going on here? If she campaigned to drive those cohorts away she’d be hard-pressed to go any lower.

    Kingston was the choice of 45 percent of the Coastal-Southeast respondents. No surprise that he has the closest thing to a solid base of any of the candidates. Given his money, expertise in getting out the vote and the expected light turnout, that finding seems very favorable for him.

    • analogkid says:

      I’m curious about this also. Atlanta metro/ Atlanta suburbs regions represent 41% of the sample of likely voters (which is high even by her proponents’ estimates), and she’s still in third. The Insider Advantage poll didn’t provide crosstabs (at least not without a subscription), and the Rosetta Stone poll that was conducted at the behest of the Handel campaign didn’t either, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to compare results.

  2. DrGonzo says:

    Sadly, David Perdue will win this thing. Then he will go to Washington, and immediately become Saxby Chambliss part deux. We can’t win for losing in this state.

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