Alexis Scott To Moderate Discussion On Opportunity & American Dream Wednesday Evening

Wednesday evening there will be a public forum on Income Inequality, Opportunity, and the American Dream hosted by the Charles Koch Institute.  The event is open to the public, with RSVP required here.

The program, titled “Climbing the Ladder: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieving the American Dream” will be held downtown at the Georgia Pacific Building, beginning at 6:30pm.  This is part of the kickoff for the Charles Koch Institute’s new initiative which will focus on opportunity, and, more specifically, the barriers to opportunity within American society.  The Institute promises “a lot more research, a lot more dialogue, and a lot more education” as this initiative moves forward.

Atlanta’s own Alexis Scott, publisher of the Atlanta Daily World and frequent contributor on The Georgia Gang, will moderate a panel which includes local and national talent.  It includes:

Max Borders, Editor, The Freeman & Director of Content, Foundation for Economic Education
Benita Dodd, Vice President, Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Richard V. Reeves, Fellow, Economic Studies & Policy Director, Center on Children and Families, Brookings Institution
Doug Shipman, Chief Executive Officer, National Center for Civil and Human Rights

It appears to be a group representing both diverse constituencies and diverse schools of thought.  It also fits the pattern of where I think solutions are found:  By bringing together people who come from different perspectives willing to work together toward common goals.  I’m intrigued, and am planning to attend.  Click the link above it you want to join.


  1. John Konop says:

    What is wrong with you Charlie? Why would we want to have rational solutions over politicians, paid pundits….. spewing hate to their base for donations, ratings…..:)

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