National Sweden Day

The Consulate of Sweden in Atlanta and the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Georgia will together host an event in celebration of the National day of Sweden on Friday, June 6th. The event will be held at the beautiful, historical Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park, Atlanta.

In 1916, June 6th officially became the Swedish Flag Day, but it wasn’t until year 1983 that the 6th of June became the official National Day of Sweden. In 2005, June 6th was recognized as an official public holiday, which makes it, by the Swedish parliament, the most recent established public holiday in Sweden.

The event is a great opportunity for the Swedish-American community to celebrate both Swedish heritage and the long historical bonds between Sweden and Georgia. Guests will get the opportunity to network with invited diplomats from the Atlanta Consular Corps, representatives from local and state government as well as the Atlanta business community.

The event is organized in cooperation with SWEA and Vasa Order Atlanta, two of the major Swedish cultural organizations in Atlanta. The evening will include a welcome speech by the Honorary Consul of Sweden, Mr. Mikael Norin, as well as the presence of other dignitaries.

In addition to networking the evening will offer catered food, refreshments and musical entertainment. More than 150 guests from the Swedish-American community are expected at the event. The Consulate of Sweden in Atlanta and The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Georgia are proud to announce that North Point Volvo is the official platinum sponsor of the event. Non-Members are $30 and RSVP is required.


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