1. tribeca says:

    I LOVE this ad. I’ve been waiting months for someone to make fun of Perdue’s denim on denim ensemble.

  2. NorthGAGOP says:

    I thought Jack was going to run a positive campaign. His internal polling must be showing that he is dropping quickly.

    • Charlie says:

      There are two spots available in a runoff. Jack, Karen, and David have broken from the pack and are fighting for them. Karen doesn’t have the money to go negative, and Perdue is viewed by many to have a glass jaw on the issues raised in this ad (and others).

      Thus, if Perdue is going to be “vetted” before a runoff, Jack is the only one that has the money to do it.

      And given that Perdue has chosen the crying babies meme, I don’t think you can consider a turnabout parody of that “going negative”. It’s at least in the “fair game” space of a campaign.

      • Lawton Sack says:

        I understand your take on this. However, when you go from portraying the frugal, family man, conservative image to this, there is certainly a stark contrast and I would certainly call it going negative. When I got the mailer on Wednesday, I just assumed it was from a PAC or some other independent group. When I got home on Thursday, though, and verified that it was from Kingston’s campaign, I was dismayed. In all the years that I have heard Kingston speak, I have never, ever heard him say or do anything like this. He has always focused on the issues, even in front of a pro-Kingston crowd.

      • ryanhawk says:

        Strategically, if Perdue leads in the polls I don’t see how this helps Kingston. It may cost Perdue a point or two, but it is going to cost Kingston as well. And while I don’t generally have a problem with Republicans vetting one another, I do have a problem with Republicans (and “conservatives”) adopting liberal talking points.

        This is the same nonsense Newt tried against Mitt in a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the presidential primary. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Handel is the obvious winner from this nonsense.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      I thought he would also. I previously had a lot of respect for Kingston, respect that he earned over the years. However, a lot of that went out the window with his mailer and this ad. He has always focused on the issues without stooping to this type of empty rhetoric.

    • Jackster says:

      C’mon, it’s babies, cake, and the smallest captions for sources i’ve ever seen.

      What’s not to like about that?

      Perdue. That’s who.

  3. TheEiger says:

    Uh oh… Someone’s scared. I guess those 9 voters that turned out in Screven county on Kingston’s roadmaster tour wasn’t enough.

  4. Kilkenny Kid says:

    I like the ad. Uses humor to make his point. Everyone know that David Perdue is only polling well because of name ID earned by cousin Sonny. Kingston is clearly the best choice in this race.

  5. tribeca says:

    I wouldn’t characterize this add as “going negative.” As Charlie said, Kingston is merely parodying the crying babies schtick that Perdue originated and has been running with the entire campaign. (Plus, people who wear denim jackets with jeans as some sort of “formal yet man of the people” get up deserve a louder and stronger form of public humiliation than what Kingston rolls with here.)

    Perdue has coasted to this point without a whole lot of vetting for a number of reasons:

    First, his competition hasn’t had the money to run critical advertisements. Some plum don’t have the money to run any ads (Handel & Broun) while the ones with money have had to focus on generating name ID (Kingston & Gingrey).

    Second, he has built in name-ID. Republican voters know about his cousin (and willingly forget how bad of a governor he was). Those that didn’t know about the Sonny/David relationship figure he’s got something to do with the chicken company.

    Third, his competition probably anticipated he’d be a non-factor and saved most of their good oppo research funds for Gingrey/Kingston/Handel.

    I would like to close by mentioning the true miracle of this entire primary… Paul Broun will no longer be serving in Congress! It’s not like he actually had much impact on anything while in Washington but now he can go back to his “medical practice” cause, you know, tons of doctors lack admitting privileges to every hospital in the state.

  6. Rich says:

    The bar has been lowered. Until this was so ready for the primary to be over and the ads to end. Now they’re entertainment on the level of guilty pleasure.

    At least the campaign has allowed rediscovering NPR, reading and other, more productive and rewarding activities. Netflix usage likely skyrocketed in Georgia. Thank you, GOP.

  7. Will Durant says:

    I agree that the tv spot is fair game given that Perdue fired the first nah nah nee boo boo. It takes a couple of good stabs, a couple off the mark, but mostly parries playfully.

    The mailer on the other hand is not only negative, but negative with lies straight out of Paul Broun’s Hayell, or Dante’s 8th Circle. The one for panderers, flatterers, and liars. “OBAMA & PERDUE: THEY’RE PLANNING TO NATIONALIZE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!” and “Don’t Let Obama and David Perdue Hurt our Children’s Future!” “Like Obamacare, Common Core was forced onto the public as a naked federal government takeover. Common Core usurps state and local governments, based on the dubious idea that the local rubes can’t be trusted to understand and meet the needs of their own children.”

    I would love to know the scope of the distribution on this. While I live in a Ruby Red area I’m doubting it went to some zip codes. It is doubtful that using the name and image of the President to vilify another candidate would be appreciated in other areas, (Yes I still believe in respecting the office even if…). The mailer is an insult to the intelligence of the informed voter. To the misinformed and/or uninformed it may be effective and I suppose Kingston’s advisers assume that it is worth the risk to alienate the former. Photoshopping the academic regalia on their images got a chuckle out of me but it is also indicative of their target audience as well.

    I thought the polls were advising them to chill on Common Core. And before The Eiger jumps on me let me say that Perdue’s scramble to disavow Common Core is disappointing as well. Just for fun I would love for the President to now announce that he really enjoys watching NASCAR & SEC football. Imagine the dilemmas.

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