Morning Reads for Friday, May 9, 2014

– Headbutting over the homeless.
– Hyatt’s Polaris to (re)open June 10. Prom attire optional.
– Practical joke or sign-stealin’ conspiracy?
– Papp: KSU + SPSU = Powerhouse.
PSA: Next week is the last full week before the primary election. Gird your loins.

– At least someone’s reacting to Russia’s aggressive behavior.
– Lois Lerner voted in contempt of Congress.
– Hand ’em over, finally.
Mike Pence for 2016?
– Surely it’s just a (another) practical joke by some hobbyist in St. Louis.

Random Everywhere:
– I know finals can be stressful, but this?
– Take a stroll through my dad’s childhood neighborhood
– Really, maybe this is why so many psychopaths enter politics.
– Shades of the next PP Throw Down.



  1. billofgainesville says:

    So-called Republicans Fitz Johnson and Nancy Jester have some ‘splaining to do regarding their support for Democrat candidates.
    The two State School Superintendent candidates have criticized frontrunner Ashley Bell for switching from the Democrat Party to Republican in 2010 even though he has been endorsed by three-time state Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart. Even Atlanta Tea Party Chairwoman Julianne Thompson has spoken on behalf of Bell’s Republican bona fides.
    But lo and behold the two finger pointers are facing some questions of their own from angry Republicans.
    Jester voted in the Democrat primaries of 1998, 2006 and the Presidential Preference Primary of 2008. Johnson supported Democrat James Martin against Republican Sen. Saxby Chamblis in 2008 and his company, Georgetown Capital donated $3,700 to Barack Obama in 2012.
    Pot meet kettle!

  2. Will Durant says:

    I predict we will exceed North Carolina’s 16% turnout by about 2%, meanwhile 82% of Georgians are more concerned that the Falcons didn’t trade up to get Clowney.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Homeless: Here is an issue the many cities of Fulton will want to leave with the county, until they stick a shelter in downtown Milton. It is a local jurisdictional (city) responsibility.

  4. saltycracker says:

    For your weekend smile, someone with scan skills should post Sam Moore’s latest mailer written by his wife Galina. As much as some of us root for a right winger, we must first require a level of awareness and common sense, the
    Moores fail that litmus test.

    It begins where, with a couple hours to get to grandma’s party, he takes a sightseeing trip on a rainy forest road, gets lost, gets stuck, walks out to get help and ends with his wives joy for saving their lives. It goes downhill from there….as he will be canvassing in the rain, his birthday and his wedding anniversary.

    Common sense, thoughtfulness of granny, planning ahead, show me your sign.
    Disclosure: by these standards this writer, before the age of 25, is the hero of PP lifesaving, while hunting/scouting, getting 4×4 stuck in the swamps, walking out for help/equipment, saved my buddies lives, numerous times, while under extreme verbal duress and being pelted with beer cans.

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