Morning Reads: Thursday, May 8th

Before you ask, yes, a James Brown scream is more than enough to make something a Georgia song.

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Lesser Places

  • The recently victorious GOP Senate candidate in North Carolina—ostensibly an “establishment” figure—went and said something dumb.
  • A freak-out over the Supreme Court’s decision on prayer in public spaces. Did anyone else know there was another option?
  • The curmudgeonly commencement speech the world needs
  • Perfectly legitimate vote on separation has been proposed in eastern Ukraine. Even Putin might be mad about this one.
  • The Washington Post looks at Georgia, declares the Tea Party dead. (Next week: Washington Post looks at Georgia declares Tea Party imbued with god-like powers.)
  • Six years in to his administration, the President considers original sin and theodicy.
  • Bottom story of the century: Monica Lewinsky wrote an essay for Vanity Fair.


  1. Noway says:

    It’s true that Thom Tillis said stupid things in 2011. However, entitlement/welfare/social spending must be cut. We all know this. How in the world will we ever begin to be able to do this, even on a small scale? Seriously, if a pol proposes it, he “hates the poor” and and will be tarred and feathered out of office.

  2. Noway says:

    Regarding Monica, people are speculating all kinds of political motives for her story coming to light now. I feel bad for her. Her life has been shattered. I hope something good will come her way soon. Maybe her advocacy for internet humiliation and bullying will put a familiar name and face to that practice and her story might make a difference in having it not happen to someone else.

    • John Konop says:

      I agree…but I also think attacking Hillary who was cheated on makes everyone feel uncomfortable, myself included….Sticking to issue would be a smarter strategy…..Attacking victims usually does not play well….And debating if she was a victim or not is just not smart politics…No win….I get hard core base women love this concept….But that is not the target you need to win…..What I saw came across harsh….

    • Jon Lester says:

      What’s bothersome is that the many reasons to never vote for Hillary aren’t enough for some people, so they have to bring this back.

  3. Jackster says:

    I appreciate the 2Pac lead in.

    Now if Jack Kingston (or any other candidate doing a road trip) can just get a boat or drop top and roll up 2Chainz style. “Pull up to the scene with my ceilin’ missin'”

    “I’m Different” –

    I mean if you listen to the words, it’s pretty much their race:

    “Hair long”
    “Money long”
    “Me and broke niggas don’t get along”
    “Pull up to the scene with my ceilin’ missin'”
    “Middle finga up up to my competition”

    No reason why a bunch of old white politicians don’t have anything in common with young black rappers.

    • Will Durant says:

      In further news that actually has something to do with Common Core and Georgia:
      Kingston goes negative with mailer, with “THEY’RE PLANNING TO NATIONALIZE PUBLIC SCHOOLS!” and “Don’t Let Obama and David Perdue Hurt our Children’s Future!”

      I predicted he was going negative one week ago but didn’t think he would go this route. Bad advice from someone I guess. And even in attacks I still think a sitting President deserves the title.

      • Will Durant says:

        “Like Obamacare, Common Core was forced onto the public as a naked federal government takeover. Common Core usurps state and local governments, based on the dubious idea that the local rubes can’t be trusted to understand and meet the needs of their own children. THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR”

        Now it’s starting to feel like Primary election season in Georgia. Lots of hot air and winds carrying heavy pollen with a wafting of BS.

  4. xdog says:

    Big news for the Braves as Liberty reworks their local TV deals for $500M more. No details but if it’s for 20 years that’s $25M per year the club didn’t have yesterday.

    It’s my understanding that Atlanta had the worst deal in MLB by a long shot. The move to Cobb every day looks more like a land play–leases, sales, licensing to bars, restaurants, souvenirs shops, food vendors, at least one hotel–than a stadium play. Now Liberty has taken the gloves off to deal with the broadcasters. Good job.

  5. slyram says:

    Well, I political blog should feature “”The Big Payback” from Dead Presidents.

    I don’t know karate, but I know KA-RAZY!!!! (yes we do!!)

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