You Are Judged By The Company You Keep

This needs to be covered here today.

Political Insider brought us word this morning that there were unkind and unnecessary things said at a gathering of the “anti-establishment” held at Oscar Poole’s BBQ.  Those that have decided they must elect David Pennington for Governor and Sam Snider for House to replace Speaker David Ralston got a bit full of themselves.  In the revelry of the festive atmosphere as those assembled held visions of victory, former Whitfield County GOP Chairman Phil Neff said, “Ralston – I’ve known David Ralston – I knew his dad in the Georgia Republican party. He was a snake from the word go. David is the same way.”

That’s not just tacky.  It’s ungentlemanly.  It’s not the way a proper southern man – or any man – should behave.

The reaction from those in attendance, however, wasn’t to rebuke, but to hoot and holler.  It can happen when caught up in the moment, especially when delusions of grandeur have already taken hold.

But in reviewing the tape, those that have assembled under the mantle of returning ethics, respect, and honor to elected office have left evidence in their tracks of their own dishonor.  And honor during a campaign, once lost, is a lot like virginity.  It’s not something that can be reclaimed.


  1. Larry Harkins says:

    Oh, so sensitive . . . Are you serious? 21st century campaigns are more than mild. As is this one.

  2. Rick Day says:

    If a preacher can dominate the first few meetings of a government meeting hooting to the ceiling while we all look down at the Devil about the Benefits of Brand Jesus™…

    A man can express an unpopular opinion in a pig joint. pig joints are Free Speech Zones By Gilmer Count Ordinance 13-2-1(g)

    Outing to My Fair Representative someone who may have been a friend or casual acquaintance of the family, or at least, to every Republican or indie who reads your words is not only Free Speech, but also Tacky Speech™. I mean, he IS a long time GOP trench soldier, is he not? Snakes can be useful! Source: I live on a mountainside with snakes! But I jest…

    This is just more scorched earth tactics by the GOP establishment, a la Moore and Gregory. They eat their young while preserving their corrupt status quo. The illusion is that the political operatives who make a living at being operatives ‘follow the billable client’ which is the status quo; the guys with the cash.

    I don’t want to think this, but now that I do, I have to scrutinize the motive behind the post. So I’m curious my friend, are you just reportin’ the news or carrying water for ah, someone who might benefit from such public chastisement.

    We will never change until we change, Charlie. And that change starts with ourselves.

    Conversely, you didn’t know Ralston’s daddy. Maybe he had local politics insight that we might not be privy.

    I like you and don’t want to get you upset with me but I wonder if your motives were solely ‘gunslinger’ work rather than ‘reportin’ the news’.

    PS: Whoever organizes those meetings email me! I’ll buy the first round of sweetea and we can shoot the bull.

    *digs out Big Tex overalls*

    • Rick Day says:

      OK after I posted this I read the AJC article so the dirt gets spread. I am sure there are plenty of people who can come up with personal anecdotes so I’ll try to obtain some opinion and fact around the circus (Ellijay actually has a circus!) because a low level ‘lifetime’ court position can be extremely powerful, or it can just be a boring job.

  3. Publius_999 says:

    It’s not as if Ralston’s father died yesterday, and Ralston was at the funeral. Since when is it “tacky” to call a snake by its name?

    What is “tacky” is focusing on a passing comment– what should’t even be relegated to a footnote– and avoiding the substance of the campaigns taking place. How about focusing on the candidates, their positions, and their records?

    It’s amusing that you make a jab at virginity lost during a campaign. How about focusing on the political whores at the capitol, instead?

  4. EAVCandor says:

    As someone who was, um, close to the Pennington campaign for a while, I can tell you that there are/were smart people on the staff. Unfortunately, there was no appeal to the candidate and his circle to run a decent, principled campaign. It was scorched earth from the get-go.

  5. Joseph says:

    In the AJC post, one of the speakers called out the Governor for being a former democrat, which is ironic considering Mayor Pennington was one a time long, long ago. At least, he did not deny it when asked directly at an event in Columbus a few months ago.

    Whether recent converts like some of my friends in the Liberty Movement or more seasoned members of the Party, like Governor Deal, Governor Perdue, etc – I think the “he/she was a democrat!” attack is a bit overplayed. If they “saw the light” and have joined Republicans – I welcome with open arms and will judge them by their actions post-conversion.

  6. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    If Phil Neff wants to talk about snakes, maybe he should take a good look at the snake in the mirror first.


    (…#Phil Neff is a piece of sub-human slime who likes to pick on the deceased to score easy political points)

  7. billofgainesville says:

    Nancy Jester and Fitz Johnson Should Beware of the Stones They Throw

    Nancy Jester and Fitz Johnson have made great sport of attacking State School Superintendent frontrunner Ashley Bell for having been a member of the Democrat Party four years ago. Bell angered Democrats and delighted Republicans in 2010 when he joined the Republican Party.

    Over the last 4 years, he worked hard to support Republican causes and candidates. In 2012, he was elected alternate to the Republican National Convention. He spoke on behalf of Newt Gingrich at the 2012 Iowa caucus and later served as an advisor to Mitt Romney. Three-time Georgia Republican Chairwoman Sue Everhart has endorsed Ashley and Atlanta Tea Party Chairwoman Julianne Thompson has given glowing testimony to Ashley’s Republican credentials.

    But what about the stone throwers Jester and Johnson?

    Well, as it turns out, Jester, who was kicked off the DeKalb County School Board by Gov. Deal, has a long history of supporting Democrats. She voted in Democrat primaries in 1998, 2006 and the Presidential Preference Primary of 2008. She may not have been a member of the Democrat Party, but you sure couldn’t tell it by her voting record. Jester says she never voted for Obama. By process of elimination, that means in the 2008 presidential preference primary, she voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure that’s a great comfort to Republicans, Nancy.

    As for Terrell “Fitz” Johnson, his loyalty to Democrats is even more recent (and damning). Johnson is a partner in Georgetown Capital, a company that donated $3,700 to the Obama/Biden ticket in 2012. He also supported Democrat James Martin in his campaign against Republican Senator Saxby Chamblis in 2008.

    As Americans, we are free to vote for whomever we please. However, this is a Republican primary and the fact is Ashley Bell established his Republican bona fides while Jester and Johnson were working to get Hillary and/or Obama elected.

  8. John Konop says:

    It is time for all of us to reject the slash and burn politics over issue debates…I have seen this in my county…..which ended in jail time…..The attacks on the speaker have been very personal and non issue oriented….I am all for real debate on issues….but the personal spewing is out of control….As I said in the past I have never met the speaker, nor does he live in my district….

    • Michael Silver says:

      When you don’t have facts on your side, go personal. If you don’t have personal on your side, make s#^t up. The make s#^t part is where the Tea Party is at.

      The Tea Party’s first try was to blame Speaker Ralston for being an effective legal advocate for his client. They blamed him for not playing possum so that mob could lynch the “bad man”. Now, they are throwing the sins of Speaker Ralston’s father onto him.

      The Tea Party has gone off the rails and now is some sort of Trojan Horse project to accelerate movement of Georgia to the Dem column, a-la-Dudley Brown in Colorado (see …. “He’s also a primary, if almost unrecognized, reason why Democrats, in a little less than a decade, have turned this once-red state a deepening shade of blue.”)

      I’ve spoken with Speaker Ralston several times over the years. Often, we didn’t agree BUT he was extremely cordial, candid, and polite. He explained his views and listened to mine. Snake would be the very last descriptor that I’d use to describe Speaker Ralston. He’s good man, with a very good sense of humor and a person willing to listen. Calling him a snake is BS.

      • DrGonzo says:

        What, no mention of his sweet European vacation on the taxpayer dime, ostensibly to study “light-rail” projects or some such drivel?

        • John Yossarian says:

          See Michael Silver’s comment about making things up in regards to “taxpayer dime.” After you look up at it, tell me how much money has been spent by governors for economic development missions over the years.

      • DrGonzo says:

        Why is it that whenever we (TP, conservative, non-establishment GOP) criticize a Republican you people all screech that we’re trying to secretly help the Democrats? You people are the real problem: people who blindly support their side (or their guy/girl) regardless and refuse to hold their side accountable for ANYTHING. That’s how we got “Most Corrupt Congressman” Nathan Deal as governor. That’s how we got knuckleheads like Chip Rogers and Glenn Stephenson and Don Balfour in the Senate. It’s how we get folks like Ralston, who bristle at any mention of ethics reform and quickly tries to portray people interested in ethics reform – oh, say like Senator Josh McKoon – as misguided or in league with Democrats.

  9. seenbetrdayz says:

    “The reaction from those in attendance, however, wasn’t to rebuke, but to hoot and holler. It can happen when caught up in the moment, especially when delusions of grandeur have already taken hold.”

    It can also happen when you spend time out in the real world having to deal with crap which comes out of the dome.

  10. DrGonzo says:

    “You Are Judged By The Company You Keep”

    Ah, but then you mis-judge, sir. Judas kept excellent company.

  11. greencracker says:

    “It’s not the way a proper southern man – or any man – should behave”

    Lord have mercy, so it was some tacky, gauche, inappropriate mess?

    Bless their hearts, most of the southern man, the white one who lives in the big house anyhow and considers himself proper, has been a lot worse than that for most of his history. Ask anybody from Gerald O’Hara to Tom Watson. The South is all moonlight and magnolias until somebody actually looks into it*. We’re special, that’s for sure. But it ain’t due to proper gentlemanliness. It’s something else, and it crosses gender, class and race, and I don’t know what it is.

    *Documents that would get me into the Daughters of the Confederacy in several ways available upon request, so don’t point me to the Delta terminal. 😉

    • xdog says:

      Thanks for mentioning Gerald O’Hara. I never heard of him before.

      One difference between the parties is that if the donks were in this mess they’d be sure to cover all their bases, using instead of Charlie’s phrase something like “a proper man or woman–or any person, regardless of age, race, sexual alignment, residence, religion, income, educational attainments or country of national origin”. I guess having fewer constituencies simplifies the scolding.

    • Will Durant says:

      Antebellum times the man in the big house or more likely whichever of his relatives was the best pistol shot would have already demanded satisfaction. Post bellum, a lot of night time antics involving fire and sheets, possibly even a whipping for the culprit. Tom Watson era and later might still involve sheets but could also include a disappearance and even a couple of cousins on each side getting back shot. Modern era? Who knows. Loss of farm status on property taxes? Bad entries on his credit report? Blackballed from the Full Apostolic Holiness Church of The Rock of Salvation?

  12. Someone called someone else a snake oh my word in GEORGIA?

    Alternate comment: do snakes not pay their taxes for 10+ years? I was unaware of that aspect of snakes.

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