Senate District 9 Forum Coverage.

The Gwinnett GOP hosted a forum of the three candidates running for State Senate district 9; incumbent Don Balfour, Mike Beaudreau, and P.K. Martin. I posted the results of the straw poll held at the event late last night.

The Gwinnett Daily Post filed this report:

There may have been an 800-pound gorilla in the room, but Sen. Don Balfour didn’t waste any time addressing it.

#In his opening statement at a political forum Tuesday, the senator didn’t shy away from his trial last year on criminal charges involving per diem requests.

#But he pointed out to the Republican crowd that not only should they believe in “innocent until proven guilty,” but that he was found not guilty.

#But the two men challenging Balfour in the GOP primary later this month said the residents of state Senate District 9, which includes much of central Gwinnett from Lawrenceville to Snellville, deserve more.

The intrepid Jon Richards and Prisca Villa live tweeted the festivities. Their tweets are collected below the fold.


  1. PegM says:

    I’d rather have plain English too…the twitter id’s take away from the message that is being made. Why don’t Jon and Prisca just do a follow up report….they are both awesome reporters.

  2. Harry says:

    Agreed. If the Twitterfeed had not been posted by Buzz it would have been seen only by people who “follow” them.

  3. In defense of Twitter let me say that posting these tweets in the Storify format lets those of use who weren’t there get a glimpse of what happened last night. Consider it a different sort of news article.

    Oh, and y’all need to join Twitter and follow me to read my pearls of wisdom in real time. 🙂

    • Will Durant says:

      I am fine with live tweeting though find the character limitations have me longing for the good old days of the 60-second sound bite at times. As an avid and usually fast reader I do find the Storify format difficult for me to sift out the kernels but if it is the only way I can get the recap of an event of this nature then so be it. The US Senate debate posted on here recently in this format was so tedious I eventually gave up. From what I gathered the “event” itself was tedious so I guess I could be shooting the messenger a bit as well.

  4. Jon Richards says:

    I’ll also give a defense of live-tweeting an event like this. It lets people who can’t be at the debate seen what’s going on in more or less real time. While Prisca and I were doing most of the tweeting last night, in events with a larger audience, you can see how many people are reacting to and interpreting the event.

    And for Harry’s benefit (and others who may be twitter novices), the hashtag #gapol is used by many folks to indicate a tweet about Georgia politics. That’s how someone who doesn’t follow me could have found out about the forum. We also used #gasen9 for the forum itself so people could follow tweets with that hashtag if they wanted to.

    And to show that these live tweets are watched in real time, there was this tweet from Aaron Gould Sheinin of the AJC, who was following not only the Senate 9 debate, but the Senate 42 debate between Elena Parent and Kyle Williams:

    Aaron Gould Sheinin @asheinin
    Bizarre: Simultaneous live tweets of debate in SD9 and SD42 in my feed. Answers are polar opposites. #gapol

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