Morning Reads: On Rifles, Mortgage Trifles, SCOTUS Unstifles, and the Eiffel

The Eiffel tower opened today in 1889, finally giving Americans something to use as a backdrop to engagements.  It is Martyrs’ Day in Gabon, Libya, and Syria. It is also Teachers’ Day in Jamaica if you feel safer hugging them. Morning Reads,  après le saut


  • Indonesia to Boost Financing for Roads and Airports (Bloomberg)
  • That’s right, Indonesia is accomplishing what we trip over ourselves to thwart.
  • Why Gun-Rights Backers Win While Other Conservative Causes Lose (The Atlantic)
  • it’s populism, empowerment, and oh yeah: race; I can already hear the boos
  • Are Mortgage Lenders Finally Lowering Their Standards? Not So Much. (WonkBlog)
  • Maybe they remember America being more underwater than the Dutch
  • How Movies Forge Great Art, Legally (Vanity Fair)
  • White-Collar World: What the office 
has done 
to American life (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • a question lingers: where’s the proletariat strife?
  • The Rise of Corporate Impunity (ProPublica)
  • which should give rise to third party opportunity
  • Serious Newspaper Journalism Is Not Over (Vanity Fair)
  • or, alternatively, Stein’s Law as drover
  • The Invention of the Chilean Sea Bass (Priceonomics)
  • Should a Chimp Be Able to Take its Owner to task? (NY Times)
  • Five Stunning Facts About America’s Prison System You Haven’t Heard (Sean Kerrigan)
  • Google’s Self-Driving Car “Success” borders on the absurd (The Atlantic Cities)
  • How America’s Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping what’s Next (Smithsonian Magazine)
  • You’d think reverse engineering from words would be far more complex
  • The Inventor of Everything: think of it as a scam tour (The Verge)
  • Six Intriguing Types of Synesthesia: Tasting Words, Seeing Sounds, Hearing Colors and More (PsyBlog)


  • In Landmark Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down Main Reason Country Was Started (scotusblog)
  • Stand Your Ground Lawsuit dismissed for want of service (ajc)
  • The story of living walls and #weloveatl (bittersoutherner)
  • David Perdue’s mixed business record (ajc)
  • More on the above, plus the Perdue bus tour later this morning
  • Creative Loafing open up a can of worms with their homeless thoughts (clatl)
  • and it triggers a response from the Mayor (clatl)
  • Braves move may drive one of their sponsors away (saportareport)
  • Gwinnett County Commission Primary seeks to separate the Meek from the Heard (ajc)
  • Deal’s veto means what was once settled is now up in the air (ajc)


This is an open thread. I’m in court today so I won’t be able to check in as frequently as I might otherwise, so play nice-ish.






  1. notsplost says:

    Hey, lets lower standards on mortgage lending like we did in 2002-2007, everyone gets a mortgage regardless of ability to repay – what could possibly go wrong?

  2. elfiii says:

    Re: Gun rights backers – what a load of crap. Somebody at The Atlantic has a serious inferiority complex problem.

  3. saltycracker says:

    World outrage on militants, who say they are fighting to reinstate a medieval Islamic caliphate in northern Nigeria probably won’t come until they disrupt Africa’s largest oil production.

    Nigeria’s Boko Haram threatens to sell kidnapped schoolgirls

    ABUJA (Reuters) – The leader of Boko Haram on Monday threatened to sell more than 200 schoolgirls his Islamist militant group kidnapped in northeastern Nigeria last month.

    Boko Haram militants stormed an all-girl secondary school in the village of Chibok, in Borno state, on April 14 and packed the teenagers, who had been taking exams, onto trucks and disappeared into a remote area along the border with Cameroon.

    • George Chidi says:

      Boko Haram has been around for years, killing thousands, with nary a peep from the international press. Even al-Qaeda thinks they’re nuts. Three months ago I was getting crickets when I would write a piece about a Boko Haram ambush near Maiduguri. The kidnapping appears to have drawn the world’s attention, but there’s been a major problem here for a long time.

      Nigeria is a nation only by the international definitions of the word. All it would take is for another scooping explosion or for the Delta pirates to grow active again for things to fall apart.

    • Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

      Harry, thanks for the link, I will spend the rest of the morning trying to hold down breakfast. The implications are vast. This deal seems awful for chronically ill folks, great for big Pharma and Banks.

      Think NAFTA on steroids.

      I especially loathe how POTUS plans to ram this steaming pile:

      “Now is the time to pay attention to TPP. The White House hopes to finalize the deal by the end of 2014. There’s no set date for a vote in the US Congress, which will determine the trade deal’s fate. But once they are slated to vote — and the full deal is made public — the White House wants a “fast track” process that will give lawmakers 90 days to vote up or down with no opportunity for amendments.”

  4. TheEiger says:

    From the AJC article about Perdue lining his pockets as he fires workers and leaves companies in a mess after he is gone. That’s what we need in the Senate.

    “A review of court and investor records by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows one company Perdue led went under soon after he departed. Another paid out $42 million to settle lawsuits alleging Perdue lined his own pockets as part of a leveraged buyout deal, shortchanging shareholders.”

    • saltycracker says:

      Yes, the post office, IRS, Social security, Medicare, Medicaid and countless overpaid, early retired, employee bloated, bureaucratic agencies are doing just fine and need no radical streamlining.
      Sent to you while waiting on TSA.

      • TheEiger says:

        I’m more referring to the lining his pockets with money part. We already have enough of those as well.

    • jiminga says:

      After Dollar General went public and hired Perdue Cal Turner and several friends of DG were unhappy with Perdue’s style and efforts. They tried to do a leveraged buyout but Perdue found out about it and brought in KKR to ensure his position. And his efforts made him a lot of money. The company is running much better without him and morale has greatly improved.

  5. Baker says:

    Two things:
    1) How bout those Georgia congressmen getting “company cars” if you will, courtesy of the taxpayer? (maybe I missed that yesterday)

    & 2) (a non-Ga one) What in the world was on Meet the Press for? This should be national scandal and that pompous windbag David Gregory should be run out of town on a rail…but hey, he was a jerk to George Bush so everyone loves him…

  6. TheEiger says:

    Does anyone know where I can make a clothes donation to the Kingston kids? I was going to drop my gently worn clothes off at Goodwill, but every time I try to watch the news I see the four of them holding those coffee cups on the couch like they are begging for change. I would be pissed if my dad owned multiple homes including a beach house yet he wouldn’t buy me new clothes. That’s beyond cheap that’s just mean. I guess they didn’t sweep enough of the house to get new clothes.

    • Ellynn says:

      You can try his very nice home of Isle of Hope, the family beach house on the south end of Tybee Island, the private school the kids went to, or his brother in laws office (dr. Watson is leaving the Ga house to run for Bubby Carters senate seat). I also saw him having lunch with Eric Johnson resently, so you could try one of his offices maybe.

    • MattMD says:

      I was thinking about getting each of them a gift certificate to Plato’s Closet or something to that effect.

  7. MattMD says:

    Once again, Reed is acting as if he has onion paper for skin and is missing the point entirely. CL clearly laid plenty of blame at Fulton.

    I really wonder sometimes why he hasn’t been tapped for a position within the Obama Administration.

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