Douglas County DA Clears Decks On Second Day

Dale Russell was kind enough to pass along his story detailing the first actions of the newly elected Douglas County District Attorney, Brian Fortner.  Basically he’s cleaning house.  The story is below the fold.  

Acting Douglas County District Attorney, Brian Fortner, didn’t take long to clear the air and clear the decks. On his second day on the job, Fortner fired office manager Tammie Agan, her sister, her son, and another legal assistant. An earlier FOX 5 I-Team investigation showed you how former D.A. David McDade used seized drug money to provide perks, high-paying second jobs and internships for Agan and her family.

Mr. McDade has always said he has done nothing wrong.

Mr. Fortner says he expects “further action” in the ongoing GBI investigation of how Mr. McDade spent seized drug money.

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  1. Will Durant says:

    Given the lack of teeth in Georgia’s civil forfeiture laws and the laissez-faire attitude of the State on obvious Policing For Profit and reporting same, I seriously doubt the GBI coming back with any illegalities either. Mr. McDade very well could have done “wrong” but I would be shocked if he can be proven to have done anything illegal under current law.

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