Morning Reads: 5 May 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo. The Most Interesting Man in the World started celebrating 3 days ago. Hopefully he still got to see the Kentucky Derby, as well as celebrate Star Wars Day in the process, or the President’s annual attempt at stand up. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


Some of the effects of the new gun law. Here, here, and here.
More people are using the health care exchange in Georgia.
Tax returns can provide some insight into Senate Candidates.
Mandatory recycling? Well I guess if it works for Griffin, maybe it will work  for Augusta.
It sure has been a week for school boards with events in Cherokee as well as Columbus.


The Feds want more weed, maybe this will help with that cannabis oil stuff.
Phone booths re-purposed into Wifi hotspots? Yes Please!
This year is Obama’s “Year of Action?” Did I miss something?
I don’t think anyone will be happy with the results of the Gerry Adams murder investigation.
Bashar Assad has primary opposition. Unfortunately he’ll still win.

Everything Else

The Science behind winning Paper Rock Scissors.
How long will that binge on West Wing or Game of Thrones take? Go Here.
A statistical analysis of the Kentucky Derby finish times.


  1. saltycracker says:

    The latest siege in Cherokee is to replace the controlled growth, stick to a plan BOC members by any means necessary.

    • Raleigh says:

      That’s Funny,

      A. They stick to a plan if they or their supporters want to.
      B. The plan that most business wants is the plan where they guaranteed 18.1 million dollar bonds for private business.

      As I said this is getting good… Don’t forget to have plenty of popcorn available.

      • saltycracker says:

        It is a mess that we can turn into something worse. If a move is needed why choose downhill to the swamp ?

        • Raleigh says:

          Looks like it is getting worse. I just heard (but haven’t confirmed) that Cowart Mulch has or will file a lawsuit against Cherokee County BOC for breach of contract on the Ballground Recycling property. Can anyone at the county office do anything right?

          Hope the store doesn’t run out of butter for the popcorn. Got to give my cardiologist something to complain about.

          • Three Jack says:

            Here is what Commissioner Poole said after the BOC voted 4-1 to turn down the Cowart deal (Previously they voted to accept Cowart’s offer, but subsequently received other offers): “I just feel like they made an offer to us, we’ve accepted it, we should go with it,” Poole said. “They came forward before anybody else. You turn them down because other people came to the table after the fact and are interested?”

            There is one constant on the BOC throughout this entire taxpayer funded debacle, Harry ‘It only cost you $9 per year’ Johnston. Come on D1 voters, wake up!

            • Raleigh says:

              Your not referring to Harry’ I’m the unofficial financial expert for the County’ Johnston are you?.. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist………..
              BTW If my source was right looks like Johnston, Aherns , and Cooper are named in the suit. I’m trying to get my hands on it…..

            • saltycracker says:


              Guaranteeing the bonds was a major mistake and several of the major players are long gone under multiple dark clouds.

              But Quoting a BOC member that hasn’t paid his outstanding taxes and wants to push a half price sale ? Can’t say it is as good as Cherokee will get but Poole is not a credible advisor. Helms might be and below, from the Trib, is what he said, back then:

              “Members of the RRDA, who are now four of the five county commissioners, said they wanted more time to review the offer after the company sent in changes late Thursday night.

              “We haven’t had time to digest them,” Commissioner Jason Nelms said after the meeting. “We just got them last night at 11:30. Going through it pretty

              briefly, there’s some pretty major changes in there that I’m not comfortable with and I don’t think my colleagues are comfortable with.”

              Nelms added two other companies have expressed interest in the property since the news broke that Cowart Mulch had made a formal offer on the facility, which the county still owes more than $16 million on. The RRDA was created in 2006 to guarantee $18.1 million in bond debt to move the business run by Jimmy Bobo from Blalock Road to Highway 5. The taxpayers were stuck with the bill after the company failed.

              With so much taxpayer money on the line, Nelms said the county had to be careful and weigh Cowart Mulch’s offer against those that are expected to come in from the other companies interested.

              Read more: Cherokee Tribune – County reconsidering recycling plant deal officials say other buyers expressing interest in property “

              • Three Jack says:


                Poole faced his ‘enemies’ (Harry’s word to describe anybody who opposes him) right after getting elected and was cleared by the county elections board in a unanimous decision – – I think that should cover any questions about Poole’s credibility. Poole prefaced his statement by noting he was not on the BOC for any of the votes that resulted in this mess being put on taxpayers. Something Harry and current Chairman Buzz Ahrens cannot claim…what about their credibility?

                From what I have read, the BOC accepted an offer from Cowart. Supposedly another offer was put forth after the BOC officially voted to accept the Cowart offer. Cowart made some changes as was their privilege based on the agreed upon deal giving the BOC a perceived way out of the deal so they could pursue the yet to be named 2nd bidder. Months later, still no deal and still no name(s) for other interested parties. County taxpayers continue to foot the entire bill at a rate of over $110,000 per month (or as Harry posted, only about ‘$9.48 per homeowner’).

                • saltycracker says:

                  Been no secret here that IMO the state needs to fix a poorly written law and those that seek to spend public money while having mishandled public money are ethically challenged and have no credibility. Even those that might vote our way.

                  Nelms statement didn’t read like the proposed changes were minor but lawsuits are common when one party thinks they have an incredible deal and it slips away.

                  We won’t resolve this but I know some folks that got big bucks off BP for “coulda happened” and are buying the beer and oysters.

                  • Three Jack says:

                    What about the credibility of those who portray themselves as financial wizards yet prove otherwise when handling public money? Poole’s IRS lapse has not cost Cherokee taxpayers one penny….the ‘mistake’ by Johnston and Ahrens is costing millions.

                  • Raleigh says:

                    What happens when you are in negotiation “in good faith” with a business entity but then you’re caught in collusion with their competitor to fix prices or negotiate a higher price from said entity? Answer, you get your posterior sued off.

                    It looks like the next chapter in the Ball Ground recycling fiasco is beginning. This is a huge embarrassment. It’s time for the perpetrators to go.

  2. Noway says:

    I’m getting my popcorn out for two reasons, first, 24 is back tonight and second, the upcoming Trey Gowdy-led Select Committee on Benghazi. Both will be fun!

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