Morning Reads for Friday, May 2, 2014

– Maybe they’ll script a new reality show from this mess.
– 18 days until the primary election. Here’s another Senate candidate profile thingy.
– Georgia gun runners charged in New York.
– Sen. Isakson co-sponsors bill to block IRS bonuses. I have an idea. Give the bonuses to us!

– When criminals aren’t really criminals. Or something.
– Current administration testing idea to make ALL federal interstates toll roads.
– Perhaps middle school reading assignments/comprehension exercises are not requirements to host MSNBC.
Just because… I think this is an Awesome Blog Post Title.

Random Everywhere:
– Star Wars VII cast revealed.
– Plus, who is who, for the chronically obsessed. Just calm down, already.



  1. Noway says:

    Is the part of the Cherokee School Board sentences that none of the three ever work in politics again legally enforceable? I know docs can lose their license and lawyers can get disbarred but those sanctions are based on their state issued licenses. For example, Trim does not have to be “licensed” to be a consultant. Do any of the legal eagles on here have an opinion?

    • Raleigh says:

      I don’t know for sure but I think it can be enforced as part of their probation but after that I don’t think so. Having a felony I believe speaks more to what they can and can’t do in the future.

      • Noway says:

        Thanks, Raleigh. I was asking because even after Marion Barry went to jail in DC, he came out afterward and was elected to the City Council. He obviously continued in politics after his felony conviction.

        • Raleigh says:

          Just for total disclosure I’m not a legal eagle by any stretch of even my imagination. All I can claim as any legal training what so ever is watching Perry Mason reruns. But I read about the politics band reported as a total life time ban and a ban just in force during probation. I tend to believe the probation ban myself. That makes the most sense in a senseless episode of As the World Turns in Cherokee County.

  2. Raleigh says:

    No the real Reality Show in Cherokee County is just now beginning with the release of the forensic audit on the Ballground Recycling Fiasco. The commissioners were “cleared” for criminal wrongdoing but according to the audit they were not cleared of being totally incompetent. How does a government entity enter into an agreement to purchase land without a contract? How do they justify allowing “Altered Invoices”? The blame game is on now so get your popcorn ready. This may get really good.

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