Justice For The Peach Pundit Daily (Please?)

In the Peach Pundit Daily last week we referred to judgeships as “cushy” gigs -figuring that any job that provides virtually lifetime tenure, a robe and a gavel was at least desirable. Our flippant comment inspired an angry response from Atlanta Municipal Court Judge Gary Jackson:

Dear Sir,
It is now 6:37 pm and I am still in court session as an Associate Judge in the Atlanta Municipal Court.
I arrived at the courthouse this morning at 7:21 am, to prepare for an 8:00 am General Calendar. There were 196 defendants scheduled with over 275  cases scheduled. I heard cases until 11:52 am without a break. There were 2 bench trials completed.
I resumed court at 2:00 pm for a Probation Calendar (14 Defendants, with 17 total cases). I then had a Jail /Video Calendar (15 defendants, a total of over 21 cases).
I then had a second General Calendar at 3:00 pm (147 defendants with over 195 cases). There were also 2 bench trials completed.
After over 25 years of law practice, and over 13 years as a full time Judge, I honestly do not feel that my service on the bench is a “cushy gig.” If you feel otherwise (and reasonable people can disagree), then I invite you to join me one whole day in the Atlanta Municipal Court. Perhaps you will see how hard my staff and I work every day to administer justice and preserve public safety.” 

Judge Jackson also informed us that although his salary of $155,500 computes to measly $77.75 per hour, AND that he often works more than 40 hours per week, AND his gavel was given to him by his sister AND that his robe was “worn through with holes” he is NOT complaining. In fact, he “loves his work” and is “honored to serve the People of Atlanta. They seem to be pleased,  or at least the 80+ %  of the voters who elected to retain me last election seem to be pleased.”

Anyone who gets a work uniform and tools provided to him, and works more than 40 hours per week and gets re-elected by 83% of the voters while running unopposed is doing something very, very right.

We regret the error, and throw ourselves on the mercy of the court. Subscribe to the Peach Pundit Daily here.


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    I think you should probably think about using public transportation when travelling through the City of Atlanta.

    There is also a new transportation service, not sure if anyone on Peach Pundit has heard about it, called Uber.

  2. eburke says:

    Gov. Deal has til May 4th to make the State Judge appointment in Burke County so there will be an election in November to fill the seat. Otherwise the appointed Judge will hold office until 2016. Other judgeships have been filled around the state in a much shorter fashion than the Burke County position. There are only two applicants so it shouldn’t take this long unless the timing is deliberate to avoid the voters in November.

    Hopefully the Governor will give the voters of Burke County the opportunity to choose our State Court Judge for the next two years rather than have one picked for us.

    • Will Durant says:

      I think originally the fix was in to name Sen. Jesse Stone but he likely was too tainted with his actions on the Private Probation bill the Governor had to veto. Who is the other applicant?

      • eburke says:

        The other applicant is Jackson E Cox, who has served as Solicitor for the State Court for 13 years. He is a well respected local attorney.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Politically correct bailouts:

    It was a broad brush lawyer joke…lighten up…

    It was a typo…..”cutesier”

  4. MattMD says:

    If someone wants a cookie for working a 12 hour day, I’m know I’m not giving them out.

    I would love this judge to follow a nurse or resident around for 12 (which often turns in 13) hours.

    Give me a break.

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