Delvis Dutton: “I’m running against Congress”

Delvis Dutton dropped his first campaign ad this morning. It’s a short 15-second ad, in which he tells voters that the “other guys are running for Congress,” but that he’s “running against Congress.”

“If you want more of the same, I’m not your guy,” Dutton says. “But if you want to send a message, I’m your man.”


    • Dave Bearse says:

      Nah, I understand it’s to do his well-company, and as WD below mentioned, maybe not the IRS. Besides, corporations are people too, and he didn’t know anything about it, except that he’s appealing.

  1. Will Durant says:

    Augusta Chronicle reported that he had several judgements against him and Heritage Bank is wanting 600K out him. Not sure about the Feds. “Dutton, though, said his trials as a business owner prepare him for being a good congressman.”

    Translation = I know how to deficit spend with the best of them.

    With an ad like that it would be fun to see him elected though. “Welcome to Washington, Congressman, you will find your new office in the 4th level Basement Men’s Room 3rd stall on the left adjacent to the Handicapped stall.”

  2. analogkid says:

    Hating on political ads is kind of what we do here at PP, but I actually like this one for whatever reason.

    And, not to discount the ethical issues noted above, but I am totally, completely OK with the idea of having a congressman named Delvis (“Double D”*) Dutton.

    *Suggested nickname, to the extent that isn’t already his nickname.

    • Will Durant says:

      He’s also a well digger. There has to be a joke or two in that. I seriously doubt Congress has ever had a well digger.

  3. Rich says:

    With all these politicians taping ads near fields we should anticipate excellent crop yield.

    • Will Durant says:

      One of my favorite quips from a debate was from a mid-western pair that had both been trying to out position the other as the most corn fed country boy. The biggest poser had done a tv spot in flannel shirt and jeans talking to a crane camera while striding among some Holsteins, ending with him looking over the horizon. Of course the opponent’s line was at least he knew not to walk across a cow pasture looking up.

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