Bonus Morning Reads for May Day

It appears that in our exuberance to celebrate May Day (the 5 day warning that Cinco de Mayo is coming up cause we haven’t had a good excuse to drink since Sine Die), we double scheduled morning reads.  As such, at no additional cost to our subscribers, here’s a bonus set of reads from our new intern Chet to re-start your day. – Charlie


The exclusively Georgia-artist Morning Reads continue as Otis Redding destroys the psyche of this British MC


State Senator Jason Carter reassures Democrats “this election will not be about guns”, though evidence mounts that voting for “Guns everywhere” might have been a strategic mistake. Few gun-owners seem to be taking advantage of the loosened regulations

Related: No guns in the Church of Henry VIII

If you hadn’t heard, Georgia’s got a bit of a Senate election and the AJC has fancy interactive profiles of the candidates that all the cool kids are trying

The WSJ wonders if Republicans could lose the Georgia gubernatorial election, refers to that question as “opinion”

Georgia Trend named Will Harris, owner of the 148-year-old organic farm White Oak Pastures in southwest Georgia, the Most Respected Business Leader in Georgia this year

Senator Isakson introduced legislation with 20 Republican co-sponsors aimed at deterring further Russian aggression in Eastern Europe

Atlanta’s homeless have fewer options after the Tri-Jurisdictional Collaborative and relative dearth of support. The headline reads “homeless strategy gets overhauled”, but the text of the article means there is no strategy

Recollections from the family and friends of Geddy Kramer, the 19-year-old who killed himself after allegedly shooting five employees in a FedEx warehouse

The Columbus Fraternal Order of Police wants a new mayor

Last year, 16 sexual assaults were reported on-campus at UGA. There were zero arrests. Learn why. Rob Teilheit wants you to consider what Donald Sterling means for sexual assault prevention and the Vice President released an admirable prevention video focused on men

Gwinnett Superintendent reflects on leading one of the country’s best school districts

Lesser Places

Pack it up, boys. Ukraine’s acting president admits Putin and his thugs won Eastern Ukraine

Does the Obama Administration have a foreign policy?

Rob Ford got high again and the Washington Post managed to make the Chris Farley reference in the first sentence

AT&T might buy DirecTV for 40 billion

Slate calls the Obama Administration out for lies in the Benghazi scandal, promptly shrugs shoulders

Twitter is dead, long live Twitter

Oppressive government policy hurts minorities more than Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy ever could

Half of people in Illinois do not want to be people in Illinois

The former president of Ukraine commissioned nude portraits with none of that Dubya charm

An explosion in a Florida jail killed two

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