Tricia Pridemore Releases First Ad For GA-11: “Prevail”

11th Congressional District candidate Tricia Pridemore has released her first ad, “Prevail”:


It’s an interesting juxtaposition of scripture, Obama and Pelosi grainy backdrops, yet an overall uplifting message of hope.  Think “Morning In America” for the 2014 cycle. It’s a different approach than last week’s ad released by opponent Ed Lindsey which is also positive, but goes more for soft humor.

Both ads are pretty decent.  I’m guessing Pridemore’s gets deemed “controversial” because of the bold call to superimpose scripture over pictures of…Democrats.  When it gets folks talking, that may make it a winner.

Pridemore’s press release below the fold:

Pridemore Launches First TV Ad “Prevail”

MARIETTA, GA— Successful businesswoman and Republican candidate for United States Congress Tricia Pridemore today began airing her first television advertisement of the campaign. The ad will run as part of a substantial network and cable television advertising buy.

“We’re excited to be able to directly communicate our conservative message with voters throughout the District.  This election is so important, because there is so much at stake for the future of our country.  With a devastating debt, out of control spending and politicians threatening our Constitutional freedoms, we have to act now to get our country back on track,” said Pridemore.  “I believe it takes someone with real world business experience to change to course we’re on, and our aggressive media campaign helps show Georgians throughout the 11th District the choice they will have in this election.”

In the commercial, Pridemore’s positive message is a stark contrast against the current political status quo and conveys that we can overcome the obstacles before us, change the dysfunctional behavior in Washington DC and take our country back.  The Bible passage, 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, read in the TV ad by Tricia, has served as an inspiration throughout her life whenever faced with the opportunity to overcome adversity and as a reminder that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.   Although, the future of our country may look bleak, Pridemore asks the viewers to join her to help fix the mess in Congress.

Ad copy: 

PRIDEMORE:   We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; …

perplexed, but not in despair; …

persecuted, but not abandoned; …

struck down, but not destroyed. (2 Corinthians 4:8-9)

For we – as conservative Georgians – shall prevail…

We will repeal Obamacare,

reject Obama’s assault on our Constitutional Freedoms,

and rest assured, knowing that our conservative Georgia values will triumph.

I’m Tricia Pridemore and I approve this message.


  1. David C says:

    Yeah, I don’t see how this is “Morning in America” at all. That ad campaign was all about “Things are good again.” This is “We’re doomed! But send me, and we’ll fight back!” as though the House hasn’t been full of people like that already. It’s not really positive at all in terms of promising to ‘fix the mess’ as you put it, but instead a vow to take something dysfunctional and make it more dysfunctional, and plays to a sort of martyrdom complex.

    • Michael Silver says:

      +1 on Dave C.’s view. I watched and thought “We’re doomed! But send me, and we’ll PRAY TOGETHER!”

      I liked Ed Lindsey’s ad because it gave examples of what he accomplished (fighting illegal immigration, government fraud, etc.) and that he’s been a Conservative for a long time … in a humorous way.

    • analogkid says:

      Serious/ not-intended-as-troll-bait question: You wrote a piece a while back that I admired and quoted more than once in conversation (, and I’m curious whether your views have changed since then or if you find this ad to not be in conflict with the ideas expressed in that piece. You clearly haven’t endorsed the ad, but you haven’t decried it either, so I was interested to know what your current thoughts are.

      • Charlie says:

        Not totally comfortable with it, and thus why I figured it would get people talking. Interested in more thoughts from GOP primary voters.

        I think (hope) the overall tone/message in the ad is intended to be uplifting and say to those that currently have decided that it’s time to give up on government that better days are ahead. I.e., Morning in America. So despite the pictures juxtaposed with members of the other party, I think it’s still intended to tell those voting in a GA-11 GOP primary that they can’t get hungup on their negatives, but need to look ahead.

        • analogkid says:

          Thanks for the response Charlie. Even though I’ll be voting in the R primary, I’m an independent/ not the target demo for this ad, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself and hopefully you’ll get the input you’re looking for from others. Thanks again.

    • Will Durant says:

      OK I will give a less flippant critique and yes I am a Republican Primary Voter and throughout my life a Republican voter about 98% of the time, though not in Mrs. Pridemore’s district. I suspect that I am not the “type” Republican you are seeking this opinion from however.

      I’m not giving points off for being manipulative because that is obviously the purpose. I will have to take points off though for being overly manipulative to a simplistic, Wizard of Oz level. This of course is invoked by both the black & white images suggesting a dystopia transitioning to living color depicting a Glenda, er, Tricia having discourse with happy Munchkins. The music also accompanies the overdone theme with repetitive monotone that only goes back and forth by a third with the word tennis in the Bible verse but transitions to full chords up an octave at the color transition and by adding happy notes in the upper register at the end.

      Believe it or not I don’t even take many points off for using Scripture, though some, because it doesn’t help with preaching to the choir of the already established base and is a potential turn off from jump to those of other faiths. However, again I have to deduct more for it being overdone. Implying that we as a populace are suffering similar tribulations faced by the Apostle Paul from President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, etc. is more than a bit of overreach. You find it “overall uplifting” while I get turned off so much by the negative “hard pressed on every side…perplexed…persecuted…struck down” message that in my first viewing I tune it out before it ever gets to the “uplifting” part. And yes I greatly resent the implication that the omnipotent, omnipresent, creator of the universe picks sides. Even though our politicians mouth the separation of church and state mantra, we all know that adherence to it is spotty at best. It has been used by politicians to criminalize personal morals, to justify wars, even to justify slavery. Don’t throw Scripture imposed with images at me attempting to demonize the other side without me taking the whole message negatively.

      I’ve carried on way too much for a 30 second spot but just needed to let the handlers know that some of us are not fooled and do look behind the curtain, but to paraphrase my namesake probably not enough to keep them from running a country. My overall grade would be a D however as I reserve Fs for the totally negative PAC attacks.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    Two big mistakes: using a Bible verse, and then choosing the NIV translation. Not that the KJV is inerrant, as some believe, but it’s what the Strong’s concordance is indexed to, for those who want to know what the old manuscripts really say. This media team has inadvertently cast the candidate as an uncritical thinker.

  3. reallynow says:

    Boy talk about stupid is as stupid does. It seems about half the world sees it only in black and white, Obamacare needs to be fixed not repealed. My pops in law had his donut hole closed this year, that’s like 4k in his pocket, quite a chunk of change for the old fella. More people are going to urgent care instead of ERs, that is a huge cost savings for US. I know a slew of millenials that are on their parent’s insurance until 26, which is a great thing as kids are almost as dumb as our politicians (almost…). When I was that age I didn’t have any insurance at all, and was one stupid accident from being behind the financial 8 ball for perpetuity.

  4. Will Durant says:

    While I agree that it may be an “interesting juxtaposition,” it is hardly original to claim the Lord is on your side and utilize scripture to label your political, national, and football opponents as persecutors. Someone in this very forum said very recently that “A God who is that big is not going to be a partisan.”

    “Interesting juxtaposition” to me as well that she is quoting Paul, who Thomas Jefferson considered the “first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus”. And lest we forget another Jefferson quote: “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.”

    And one more, more poetical quote from those great British statesmen, Messrs. Jagger & Richards:
    I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield
    Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station
    And the preacher said, “You know you always have the
    Lord by your side”
    And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
    Twenty red lights in his honor
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.

  5. DrGonzo says:

    My critique: it doesn’t matter what ads Pridemore puts out, she’s still going to finish out of the runoff in this race. It’s going to be Barr and Loudermilk in a knock-down-drag-out runoff.

    She needs to stop aiming for the moon and win herself a spot in the state legislature first. She’s young, she’s got time. She needs to build a political resume. I’d also add that her first ad should have been biographical. Nobody outside the state GOP infrastructure knows who she is. It was stupid of her to waste money on an ad that doesn’t tell any of her potential constituents anything about her.

  6. Rich says:

    This is getting close to the inevitable ad with a sweating, southern preacher shouting over a pulpit, “in the name of GOD, repeal Obamacare!”

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