Hey, campaigns, remember to proofread

We all make typos. It happens. We get in a hurry, forget to proofread, someone lets us know, and we rush to fix them before anyone else notices. (As an aside for our blogger friends, Grammarly is worth the investment.)

But for candidates, they can’t simply go back and fix typos after literature hits thousands of mailboxes in the districts in which they’re running. That’s something that at least a couple campaigns have learned in the last few weeks.

If you read Peach Pundit Daily, you already know about the state House candidate who misspelled the word “Republican” on his mailpiece. Vote “Repubiican,” y’all!

Well, via Martha Zoller, we have another example. Mike Collins’ campaign misspelled some words on a rather nice looking mailpiece sent out to Republican voters in GA-10.


Here’s the full mailer. (Click each image to enlarge.)


  1. Jackster says:

    Just got a nice mailer from the “Georgia Coalition for Job Creation”… whatever that is.

    If we want to have more transparency and accountability, can we stop using shell companies, so it’s quite obvious who is trying to influence the district?

    For realz – it’s fine if you want to support a candidate, but let’s not be shady about it.

    • Will Durant says:

      Or a PAC primarily funded by another PAC that is primarily funded by a Super PAC who doesn’t file until 2 years later?

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