Doug Kidd ‘Wins’ Public Service Commission Debate

The Atlanta Press Club held a debate for candidates for the Public Service Commission, and Lavonia lawyer Doug Kidd* was the clear winner, based on the number of press releases received. (APC recorded the event and tucked it into a Livestream account, which you can watch at this link.)

From the release:

Doug Kidd Wins Public Service Commission Debate

“Doug Kidd, conservative reformer for Public Service Commission, made the following statement about tonight’s Atlanta Press Club Debate:

“It was telling I was the only candidate on stage who talked about the high price of energy. While my opponents bickered incessantly about solar power, I was the only candidate who pointed out the PSC has allowed Georgia Power to increase our rates four times in the past four years, with more rate increases on the way. The other candidates don’t understand the struggle that Georgia’s families and small businesses continue to go through. I do, and that’s why we need a rate cut for our power bills. I’ve been to 117 counties so far in my campaign and virtually no one talks about solar power: it’s an issue only lobbyists seem to care about. But everyone talks about high power bills that continue to climb no matter how much they try to conserve. It’s a real problem, and my opponents are ignoring it.

“It was also telling that Bubba McDonald, the incumbent, admitted the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report [1] was true: he comes to work less than half the time. He said he spent time in the Turnerville office, and I thought it was odd the PSC had an office in Turnerville, population nothing. It wasn’t until I looked on a map and saw that Turnerville is about 3 miles from Bubba’s home that I realized what was going on.

“We elect commissioners to go to Atlanta and do a job, not roll out of bed and head to their home office. Commissioners earn $116,000 a year. That’s full-time work, and Georgia’s taxpayers deserve full-time effort. That’s why I promise I will be actively engaged in the management of the PSC. I will go to the Atlanta office every day, and on the days that call for outside field work, I will certify where I was, who I was with, and what PSC business I worked on. I also promise to post my daily schedule to the internet so everyone can see that I’m working on the people’s business, not quail hunting or golfing. Georgians deserve no less than this.”

*Doug Kidd is a former client of my firm.


  1. Charlie says:

    Charlie Harper @IcarusPundit
    Candidates that send press releases announcing they won a debate were not spanked enough as children. #gapol

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Dear Atlanta Press Club, invest in modern video equipment. Your Live Feed video and audio was unwatchable. Seriously, embarrassingly so.

    As to who won? I call it for garbled blurry white guy on the left.

  3. Baker says:

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t carefully scrutinize rate increases and other actions by GaPow, but for some perspective, Georgia is right in the pack for low electricity rates compared to the rest of the country. We’re somewhere right around 20th for lowest rates. We have lower rates than all neighboring states except for Tennessee. I definitely welcome any more attention that is paid to the oft-overlooked (or unknown) PSC but rate decreases shouldn’t be the only issue.

    • Jon Lester says:

      GP is already doing what it can to encourage people to get Energy Star appliances and to take advantage of the rebate for installing new insulation, among other cost-cutting measures. They can’t very well coerce people into keeping the thermostat at 73 in the summer and 68 in the winter, or anything like that. Solar power absolutely should be de-politicized, but as for the rate structure, there comes a point where you have to let people do their own consumer math and adjust accordingly.

  4. gcp says:

    PSC should be a part-time position with the same pay as legislators. Can we get someone to introduce such a bill? That’s about as likely as a bill to eliminate GPB.

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