RCP Says Georgia Governor’s Race a Toss Up

Real Clear Politics says Georgia’s gubernatorial contest is now a toss up between incumbent Nathan Deal and Democrat Jason Carter.

It looks as if the site isn’t counting on an upset in the upcoming GOP primary, in which Deal is being challenged by state school superintendent John Barge and David Pennington.

A Survey USA poll cited by the website has Deal at 41 percent over Carter’s 37 percent, which is somewhat of a thin margin for an incumbent, this far out from November.


  1. Three Jack says:

    This could work out great for the do nothing legislature…after Carter wins, GOPers will have yet another excuse for failing to accomplish anything of significance.

  2. analogkid says:

    I’ve said before that Deal has been a surprisingly competent executive, but the irony of him being forced to comply with the one-term pledge that so many of his supporters were banging on about in 2010 would not be lost on me.

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    If Jason Carter was serious about winning this election, he would have attended the NRA Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend and invited Governor Nathan Deal, David Pennington, John Barge and Libertarian candidate Andrew Hunt to join him.

    Governor Nathan Deal (just barely) proved his Conservative bona fides by signing the Gun Rights Expansion bill into law last week. Jason Carter could have proved his commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights to Georgia voters by making an appearance in Indianapolis this past weekend, with or without Deal, Pennington, Barge and Hunt.

    The fact that the young Carter did not have the time to appear at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend makes Georgia voters question whether he’s really an “NRA Democrat” (as he puts it), whether he really deserves that A+ rating from the NRA and whether Carter would really protect our God-given Second Amendment rights from the gun-grabbing kooks on the far-left of his party if he were to be elected governor.

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