Catie Beck “Holds The Powerful Accountable”

“Holding Them Accountable” is a a silly marketing phrase that really has no meaning. But the well-done reporting on this story could be repeated with many different elected officials, of both parties, for years. But the ones who can actually “hold the powerful accountable” about this are not the public, but the other elected officials who jump through the hoops and file disclosures on time.

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  1. Jackster says:

    Let’s say this was property taxes, traffic citations, or some other money you owe the gov’t.

    If that were the case, you’d either have:
    1) A lien against your property
    2) A bench warrant for failure to appear / pay
    3) A revocation of whatever permit they’re hitting you up for.

    In this case, the Ethics commission needs to have the power and policy to garnish campaign funds to pay these fines. And if you don’t settle up, then you are no longer registered as a candidate with the ethics commission.

    Since that’s state law, you would in essence be suspended from office.

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