Morning Reads for Friday, April 25, 2014

– Vote for your favorite PRR shirt here.
– Time to talk about that Marietta to Atlanta train again in 3,2,1…
Faster internetz, please.
– Use your iPhone to diagnose your kid’s ear infection? Might as well since you lost your doctor.
Finally. I thought winter would never end.
Scallywags and carpetbaggers, the lot of them. (Except you, Buzz.)
Always and forever in our hearts.

– A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Gingrich was a history professor, and they tend to obsess about stuff like this (I should know, I’m raising one).
– #boom. Uninvited.
Red pill. Blue pill. Down the rabbit hole we go.
– Look. MST!!
More cancellations on the way?
Bad form. Bad form, indeed.

Random Everywhere:
The future, maybe? Or just scouting movie locations?
– #hackerChat. Nice OS you have there…
– Whose first car was a Mustang?
More pix to generate discussion around the water cooler. There’s even one of the refreshment dispenser in the Peach Pundit Lounge.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Didn’t you see Jon’s NYT article? The carpetbaggers have improved our lot in life.

    I’m a history buff too. Our record playing the World’s policemen sucks.

    Not my first, but one of my loves was a ’69 Boss 429 Mustang. Hertz had a program in ’68 when you could rent a Shelby GT for about $20 a day if you were over 25 and could prove to them you could drive. I drove the “Dragon” (129) with one before it was called that. That program only ran one year for some strange reason.

    And some of those photos I’ve seen of course but putting the baby in a cage out the window? I thought I was bad for not making my kids buckle up.

    • Will Durant says:

      My daughter was a cheerleader in high school and college, scoff if you want, Daddy was happy it was a full ride scholarship. She points out that the NFL variety are not cheerleaders. They barely shake the pom-poms but do so with the moneymakers. Not that I’ve complained with my 20 yard line seats down front mind you, but the Falcon’s cheerleaders are mostly “dancers” or Georgia lobbyist’s assistants.

      • John Vestal says:

        Most of the NFL/NBA cheerleaders seem to come not from the college cheerleaders but from the dance teams (many of which are ALSO varsity competition squads with scholarships).

        Many are also very serious and high-caliber students. One of the young ladies who was on Tech’s dance squad (Goldrush) a few years back graduated with honors in Biomedical Engineering while also cheering for the Falcons (after using up her GT squad eligibility). She’s still cheering for the Oakland Raiders (has also cheered for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings) while finishing up her PhD at UC-Davis.

  2. saltycracker says:


    I will review my sensitivity training – lots of cheerleaders in my family too – but I’m not too sure that professional football fans would riot unless the weight, appearance and dress codes were abandoned.

    The biggest return on them for the team, that they should be paid for, are the “goodwill” activities.

    I’d prefer my cheerleader relatives to be in “B” movies than be lobbyist assistants.

    • Will Durant says:

      Sorry didn’t mean to imply that you were dissing cheerleaders, that was meant to be directed in 3rd person about scoffing. My sensitivities are pretty much leathered over at this point. I used to get a lot of eye rolls when I mentioned she was a cheerleader from people not realizing the competitive squads have been through years of gymnastics, more injuries than the football team, etc. She is the one insulted by the NFL brand being called cheerleaders, and yes, for them appearance is all that matters to be a pro for the pros.

      • Will Durant says:

        Yep, seems pretty Draconian. Pretty similar to being a Cheetah Girl. I think you would be perfect to go unionize them Harry 😉

        Solidarity! Women’s Rights! and let’s not leave Pete Seeger out again:

        We shall overcome
        We shall overcome
        We shall overcome some day
        Oh, deep in my heart
        I do believe
        We shall overcome some day

  3. saltycracker says:

    Of the cities I’ve lived in Tampa and their open corruption was always “entertaining” except in doing business, being stung by it on occasion. The most common cover was activity “in the best interest of the public”.

    I had thought time and growth would dilute it, but after reading the latest AP story, there is probably “the rest of the story”.

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – Drivers for the ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber will be ticketed in the Tampa area, the Public Transportation Commission announced. Drivers were previously given verbal warnings.

    Fines can reach $800, including a $500 fine for operating without a certificate.

    The two San Francisco-based companies operate through an app in which customers request a ride and pay electronically on the app. The taxi and limousine industry has opposed ride-sharing services in the state due to stringent government requirements. Taxis and limos must have specific licenses, vehicles and rates. Lyft and Uber have rates 20 percent lower, though drivers typically have only gone through a background check by the company, The Tampa Tribune ( ) reported.

    • saltycracker says:

      Calling 911 was a bad mistake and the jury will decide just how bad.
      I’d fine the tar out of them for the below silliness and move on, letting others effected to sort it out.

      Marlows attorney: The defense has also consistently brought up to witnesses during the trial the possibility that the trio wasn’t lying, but simply remembering the incident wrong, or perceiving it incorrectly.

      (Knowles) said it happened, and told police during the investigation she felt her life was in danger when Petruzielo drove past.

      Trims attorney:
      Duponte argued against wording in Trim’s indictment as well, saying Trim never told police he was nearly hit by Petruzielo’s car, as his indictment says. In recorded interviews played in court, Trim can be heard telling police the car came close to him and his heart rate went up.

      Read more: Cherokee Tribune – Closing arguments to begin in Marlow trial

  4. Jon Lester says:

    I had to unsubscribe from Newt’s email list because he was just getting too ridiculous. Either he has total contempt for anyone who’ll listen or read, or his supposed religious conversion was but one indication of his own severe cognitive decline.

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