Morning Reads for April 24th, 2014

I have a confession to make.

After Jessica S. left us at the end of February, I volunteered to do the Thursday Morning Reads, at least on a temporary basis. I knew Charlie was busy with the end of the legislative session approaching, and there was no time to recruit a replacement. Except, I already had.

Chet Martin is a Junior at the University of Georgia. I met him last summer at a political event we both attended, and I eventually realized he was also a writer. He explained the relationship between Waffle House and the GOP for the Georgia Political Review. He’s also a writer for USA Today College.

I told Chet if he sent me the Morning Reads, I would publish them for him. We would consider it an audition for a more permanent position to be decided on after Session ended and things wound down. Charlie agreed to the arrangement.

Yesterday was Chet’s 21st birthday. Charlie decided to give him something he really wanted: the ability to be a front page poster on Peach Pundit, at least as an intern. He’ll continue to do the Thursday MRs, and possibly some other projects, but now under his name and not mine.

Please join me in welcoming Chet to the Peach Pundit community. And, it’s OK to wish him a belated Happy Birthday.

I am going to see Outkast at Counterpoint in Atlanta on Sunday. In honor of their return to their native city, listen to the ridiculous, prescient song that the Hipster-Bible Pitchfork called the best track of the 2000s.


  • The Tea Party challenge to Speaker Ralston has some juice.
  • Speculation that the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling may hurt the chances of Lambda Legal’s recently-filed gay marriage case (TL;DR: leave issues to voters).
  • Interesting summary of the conservative position on the gun bill kerfuffle even if it violates Godwin’s Law (that it has just now received national attention because the Governor signed it, though it was passed months ago, is a testament to the stupidity of journalists’ commitment to “timeliness”).
  • A belated Happy Earth Day, which was celebrated by the state’s Environmental Protection Division “by easing restrictions on development on Georgia coast.”
  • Peach Pundit’s Editor Emeritus Erick Erickson (we think of him as a departed but still-governing ruler, a Georgian Kim Il-Sung) endorsed Karen Handel for Senate and identified David Perdue as “perhaps the worst candidate.”
  • Savannah is accepting applications for Forrest Gump and Paula Deen impersonators. No word yet on the Johnny Mercer position I applied for.
  • Conservative groups you probably haven’t heard of endorse David Pennington for governor.
  • Horrifying news: it is within the realm of possibility that the annual Georgia-Auburn game will be canceled after 2015 due to SEC scheduling restraints
  • Phil Gingrey released a touching ad in which the mother of a presumably slain soldier praises the Congressman’s efforts to determine what happened to her son.
  • Flagpole Magazine wants Athenians to vote for the very progressive Tim Denson for mayor.
  • James Hall’s appeal of a Savannah Elections Board decision keeping him off the ballot didn’t work.  Next stop:  Georgia Supreme Court?

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  1. Jon Lester says:

    Tim Denson is at a disadvantage, because Nancy Denson’s name will appear above his on the ballot, and most people here really haven’t felt impacted either way by the incumbent. Besides, nominal affiliation doesn’t really mean a whole lot on the local level.

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