A Look at Georgia’s 12th District Congressional Candidates

Here at Peach Pundit, we’re serious about politics. For years, we’ve done our best to bring readers the information they need to know in order to make a decision about whom to vote for in elections. With early voting for Georgia’s May Primary starting on Monday, we want to make sure our readers in Georgia’s 12th district are well informed.

Just as cable channels redefined the news reporting of the big 3 TV networks and blogs like Peach Pundit began producing the content formerly found in print newspapers and magazines, so has social media, and especially Twitter, become a dominant force in distributing information to potential voters.

Therefore, rather than attempting to analyze the nuances of the Georgia 12 congressional race, we’re going to refer you to the Twitter accounts of Rick Allen, John Barrow, Delvis Dutton, John Stone, Diane Vann and Eugene Yu. By examining their tweets, we’re confident our readers will be able to make wise choices when they enter the voting booth.

To make things easier, we’ve assembled some of the best of their tweets below the fold….