Erick Erickson Endorses In #GASEN Race: It’s Karen Handel

Erick Erickson is the founder of this site, and remains our Editor Emeritus.  In his spare time, he edits, has a show on the nation’s largest talk radio station here in Atlanta on WSB, and is a Fox News contributor.  He’s been sitting out on the Georgia Senate race until now, and I know from past conversations he was genuinely torn between Paul Broun and Karen Handel.  Interestingly, the last time I heard him go down his depth chart, Jack Kingston was at #3.  It’s always fun explaining our race to national politicos who believe Broun and Gingrey are in one “Conservative” camp, Kingston and Perdue are in an “Establishment” camp, and frankly they’re all over the place when they try to categorize Handel.   The truth is (with a notable exception for Broun), they’re all difficult to put in a specific box or rank on a “Conservative” to “Establishment” line.  But I digress.

Erick decided this afternoon that early voting starts next week, and he won’t be sitting on the sidelines any longer.  He is, after all, the man that got WAY out front on the races with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  We call them both Senator now.

Erick has made his choice.  It’s Karen Handel.

Of note, Erickson also told a caller earlier that David Perdue is “perhaps the worst candidate” in this race.  Shots, they are fired.


  1. gcp says:

    Still waiting to hear where specifically Handel would cut government spending. She hides behind the silly “penny plan” which is the politician’s way of not making a hard decision which might offend someone. Time for some specifics from her.

    As for endorsements from entertainers, celebrities, and others; some of us just ignore them all.

    • John Konop says:


      In all due respect you should ask Karen…..I have known her and Steve (husband) for years….Karen is very bright and direct…..I like her no bs style……I think you should talk with her directly……I guarantee you, Karen will tell you what she thinks about any issue…..and agree or not with Karen, she is very well thought- out in her positions…..

      As far as Erick we have agreed and disagreed on many issues through the years….with that said my hat goes off to him with what he has built…..all of us know his endorsement is big….you may disagree with him at times like I do…..but he is a heavy weight among the base…..

      • gcp says:

        Web site talks of cutting 1% per year and if Congress fails then the plan calls for “automatic, across the board cuts” Congress can’t maintain recent auto, across the board cuts so why will they do it in the future?

        Where are her defense cuts? Cuts to farm subsidies and food stamps?

        Her SS reform calls for raising the age for those born after 2000; that’s forty years down the road. Most of this electorate will be dead.

        She supports Rand Paul’s Medicare plan but once again talks of raising the Medicare age “over a generation” Is that 20 years, forty years or what?

        Medicare and SS will continue to grow as boomers age yet her reforms emphasize cuts way off in the future. She needs to make decisions that affect current spending but I guess that is too much to ask of a career politician. Might as well just vote for Kingston; we know he won’t cut anything.

        • NorthGAGOP says:

          I have looked at the other candidates websites for specifics on issues. All I have found is general statements with no detail. Handel has the most comprehensive plan of all the candidates.

          • gcp says:

            Broun, Kingston and Gingrey have a voting record; Handel does not. Broun does call for eliminating Dept. of Ed. and EPA.

            • TheEiger says:

              Yeah, and they have been in DC for a total of over 40 years. How’s that working out for us?

                • NorthGAGOP says:

                  Is there any spending legislation that Congressman Broun has sponsored or cosponsored that has passed?

                  • gcp says:

                    Don’t know, but I don’t cast my vote based on the number of bills a candidate sponsored instead I look at voting record. I don’t know who sponsored Med. Part D but I know Gingrey and Kingston voted for it. I also don’t know who sponsored the most recent farm bill (I could look it up I guess) but I know Kingston voted for it while Broun and Gingrey voted against it.

  2. Salmo says:

    This seems really silly. Was there ever any doubt? He’s been Karen’s unofficial spokesperson since she ran for Governor. I guess he felt the need to string this “decision” out so his choice might have more weight.

    • analogkid says:

      That he created the Georgia Life Alliance specifically to benefit her is proof that he’s been in her camp all along. Don’t get me wrong. GRTL is/was a joke, but I doubt he’d have invested that kind of effort were Ms. Handel not in the race.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    The primary is less than four weeks away—time for prognostication. Career seems to be be the most relevant differentiating factor.

    Ex-CEO Perdue, whose most significant public policy experience is his sharing a surname with a do-nothing cousin.

    Professional Congressman Jack Kingston, earmark king. A qualification and title sure to shake up the Senate.

    Political climber Karen Handel hasn’t completed a full term in any office, but at Komen showed what her short tenure can do for an organization. (or was Komen part of her climber strategy?)

    Obstetrician Phil Gingrey, who thinks Todd Akin was partly right about pregnancy and legitimate rape, plus valuable first hand experience that positions must not conflict with Rush Limbaugh pronouncements.

    Physician Paul Broun doesn’t have hospital admission privileges since no competent hospital administration would want a physician that thinks embryology is the Devil practicing medicine at its facility

    The party is split between money and those concerned about the White House Kenyan, and there are multiple candidates appealing to each side. I’ll go with either Perdue or Kingston, and Broun, in the runoff, though the latter is clearly wishful thinking, dependent on the crazies rallying ‘round the craziest.

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