Stunner in Brookhaven: City’s First Elected Official Resigns

Jim Eyre, the first elected official in Brookhaven’s short municipal history, resigned his seat Tuesday night.

Eyre read the following statement at the city’s regular council meeting:

“I have said to those closest to me that I will continue to serve my constituents as a District 2 city council member until I feel I could no longer effectively represent the residents of District 2.  Based on recent discussions, I believe that time has come.

“Therefore, effective immediately, I am resigning my position as the District 2 representative on the Brookhaven City Council.

“I would like to thank the residents of my district for their support during my time in office.”

Eyre then left the meeting, according to the Brookhaven Post. He also sent out an email containing the statement later that evening.

Eyre represented an area of the community that was the stronghold of the anti-cityhood movement, and was a vocal opponent of municipalization.

However, after the community voted to incorporate, he was handily elected to the city council without a runoff, becoming the city’s first elected official, defeating two other contenders without a runoff. One of the candidates seeking the District 2 seat was Russell Mitchell, a leader in the BrookhavenYES pro-cityhood organization.

All three of the other city council races required a runoff, including the mayoral contest.

The District 2 race was arguably the most vicious in Brookhaven’s inaugural political season. An organization called Start Brookhaven Right accused Eyre of calling a city of Brookhaven “a cancer.” A member of BrookhavenYES, Shannon Cameron, was listed as chairperson of that organization. Cameron now sits on the city’s planning commission.

Eyre was also the city’s first elected official to qualify for re-election.


  1. Billy Jack says:

    This should come as no surprise at all to anyone that knows the guy. He has an insufferably large ego and is truly convinced that he is the smartest man in the room on every occasion. From the very beginning, he was conflicted about serving as a city councilman. He was adamantly opposed to the proposal for Brookhaven cityhood. Then, after he and his no-city buddies were defeated in the referendum, he couldn’t resist the urge to run for city council because his massive ego convinced him that the only thing worse than having a city was not having a direct say in how it was run. But because he has all the charm of a rattlesnake and people skills to match (as the saying goes, Will Rogers clearly never met this guy), he could no longer countenance a mayor and fellow councilmen that did not acknowledge his greatness and acquiesce to his demands. Now, having resigned, he is truly free to do what he has always wanted to do–conduct city-war re-enactments hoping for a different result this time around and foment opposition to cityhood by other means along with his fellow wing-nuts like the muffler-man, Eddie Elhert, Jodi Cobb (aka “Hamburger”), and the tow-truck driver who would be king, Ronnie Mayer. On the bright side, now that Eyre has taken his toys and gone home, he will no doubt run for Mayor of Brookhaven and try (in vain) to go back to the future and finally win the war that he lost…and continues to lose. Get your popcorn ready–it will be incredibly entertaining. Farewell, Jim–we hardly knew ye. Don’t let the doorknob split ye.

      • Will Durant says:

        Get with the program man. True conservatives are adamant that nekkid women and alcohol don’t mix, on the other hand, guns and alcohol do. If run out of business I propose the Pony should keep the bar and add an indoor shooting range.

    • Jodi Cobb says:

      Seriously? When are ya’ll gonna give up on insisting that I am this “Hamburger”? Every so often someone points out to me that I am being accused of being this person. “Hamburger” obviously does not have the guts to reveal him or herself and I get to be harassed due to his or her cowardice. I have spent the last year and a half designing and building a new home for myself in Decatur, where I now reside, as well being the executor of my recently deceased uncle’s estate, not to mention running my architectural and interior design business. I don’t have the time nor could I care less about the goings on in Brookhaven, except to be amused by it all. My lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bath ranch house in Drew Valley went under contract after 3 days on the market last week and I couldn’t be happier to let Brookhaven be whatever it wants to be. Perhaps Mr Jack, you can alert your Brookhaven Patch neighbors to this and let it go now?

      • Billy Jack says:

        Apologies for the mistake, and best of luck in the City of Decatur. I’ll gladly give you a pass on the irony, if you’ll be kind enough to extend me the same courtesy:)

  2. bgsmallz says:

    No relevance to the accusation by city council members backed up with written records that he was lying on camera or the fact that the largest city in DeKalb just called out the largest media outlet in Atlanta for slander? #stunner <-sarcasm

    …in the council meeting the mayor and the other council members took time to talk and release executive session notes showing that Jim 'lied' to Channel 2 last week when he claimed ignorance of the city manager's salary and sent a formal demand to Channel 2 that they retract their story that slandered the City Manager. He presumably knew the resolution was on the agenda and quit.

    If the author isn't too busy trolling with 2 year old articles from the Patch, maybe he should try going to the video of the city council meeting.

    You can use the outline to navigate…I'd suggest Section K, 3. Resolution to Respond to Double Dipping Allegations (from Brookhaven to WSB-TV) and Section K, 7 "Discussion".

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