NY Times Rolls Out ‘The Upshot’; Puts #GASen Race at 73% Republican

The Gray Lady apparently decided it needed a replacement for Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight political forecasting, so they brought in former Washington Bureau Chief David Leonhardt and a staff of 15 to do the Times’ political prognosticating, and decided to call it The Upshot.

As part of today’s rollout, they looked at the chances of a Republican takeover of the Senate, which they call at 51%-49% favoring the Democrats. They also looked at individual state races, and put Georgia as Competitive, with a 73% chance of a GOP win in November.

Take a look at their site — it’s pretty interesting, and even lets you run simulations of various scenarios to see what could happen. You might want to bookmark the page, since it appears it will be continually updated as new information becomes available.