Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 23rd, 2014

Good Morning from the place of endless breakfast, Las Vegas! Today is Earth Day, remember to hug an Earthling.  Morning Reads are after the jump.


  • The Rise and Fall of Gold (QuickTake)
  • Property-Tax Collections Rising at Fastest Pace Since U.S. Crash (Bloomberg)
  • Wall Street deregulation pushed by Clinton advisers, documents reveal (The Guardian)
  • Has the West fallen prey to crony capitalism? (Telegraph)
  • The California Comeback (FiveThirtyEight)
  • On Rarity: When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle? (NY Times)
  • NYU researchers using DNA identified 3,000 types of bacteria in all on dollar bills (WSJ)
  • Capital Man: Thomas Piketty is economics’ biggest sensation. He’s also the field’s fiercest critic (Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • The prose of psychoanalysis (TLS)
  • Three ways Jeff Bezos keeps improving Amazon’s workforce (Quartz)
  • A Silicon Valley Disaster: A 21-Year-Old Stanford Kid Got $30 Million, Then Everything Blew Up (Business Insider)
  • Our Nudge in Chief: Cass Sunstein believes laws and public policies should help save us from our irrational impulses (The Atlantic)
  • The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates (Chicago Magazine)
  • Stories Triumph Statistics (Seeking Wisdom)
  • The Mental Life of Plants and Worms, Among Others by Oliver Sacks (New York Review of Books)
  • Why do stories exist? Literary scholars look to neuroscience (WSJ)
  • Can You Buy A License to Speed? (Priceonomics)


  • Carter says guns are geographically polarizing (MsNBC)
  • Old GOP’s seek young voters on Book of Faces and Tweetster (Times-Herald)
  • Minnesota facing a similar cannabis conundrum (inforum)
  • New civil rights museum to focus on stories (USaToday)
  • Beltline to change Atlanta (WABE)
  • Sec. Foxx hints at federal transit funding priorities (RTandS)

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