Do You Know How to Cut and Paste Text?

And want to make $150,000 a year?

Because if so, there’s a job open at GPB, because Chip Rogers no longer has one. Greg Bluestein reported that Rogers was let go today from GPB, a job he was only in because Nathan Deal wanted to move him on from the Senate.

The job consisted of getting a press release by email, then writing an intro and then cutting and pasting the press release below it and hitting “post”. Which is basically what each one of your steadfast and loyal Peach Pundit front page posters do everyday. For free.

Too bad we don’t know the Governor.


  1. Anyone But Chip says:

    Aww…looks like his dreams are crushed. Thankfully they waited until after qualification ended. I’m sure he’s looking into running as an independent for something…maybe he can jump into the State Superintendents race.

    • Will Durant says:

      Sorry George, I would be willing to make book that the position will be eliminated along with the Chipster. I would also be willing to wager that his decision to moonlight as a lobbyist for the Patel Hotels probably blew his deal with Deal but I don’t have as much confidence in that one being a winner.

  2. xdog says:

    Per Bluestein, Rogers was ‘blindsided’ by the news. Sorry I didn’t get to see it first-hand. Loony hack. I hope he continues to be an embarrassment to Deal.

  3. John Konop says:

    I heard Chip is getting a job as VP of the Asian Ametican Hotel Association…….hope it is true…agree or not with people on politics we should all wish the best for jobs….

    • Raleigh says:

      Basically an “elected” state senator was fired by the governor for 150K severance out of the pocket of state tax payers and I’m supposed to wish him well? OK I do wish him well, in the private sector and remind him that Delta is ready. I just wish Delta was ready when we were not when he is. He is nothing but a quitter and the hotel association deserves him. Good riddance.

  4. Jane says:

    Yes, he got a lobbyist job for a hotel association. Any jokes on his previous investment in a hotel?

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    “He [Deal] worried Chip Rogers was going to be an issue. It makes you wish every year is an election year when it comes to Nathan Deal.” – Vincent Fort

  6. analogkid says:

    Probably the most frustrating aspect of this fiasco is that his year of making (I won’t say “earning”) $150k drastically raises his average salary for pension purposes, which is something we’ll all be on the hook for for the rest of Chip’s natural life.

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