New Poll Has Perdue, Deal In the Lead

David Perdue leads Georgia’s Senate race, while Nathan Deal leads the Governor’s race in a new Insider Advantage poll for Atlanta’s Fox 5 and the Morris News Service.

Here’s where potential voters in the Senate race stand:

David Perdue: 19%
Jack Kingston: 15%
Karen Handel: 13%
Paul Broun: 11%
Phil Gingrey: 9%

32% are undecided just one month before the primary election. The poll has a margin of error of 3.4%, which means Kingston and Handel are statistically tied, and the margin between Kingston and Perdue may be smaller than it appears.

Meanwhile, Nathan Deal appears to be running away in the race for the Gubernatorial nomination, with 61% in his corner. David Pennington has 7%, while John Barge has 4%. 28% remain undecided.

Insider Advantage’s Matt Towery focused on the large number of undecided voters in the Senate race:

“The most notable number in the poll is the solid 32% who are still undecided. From years of experience, I can usually get a feel for likely voter turnout based on the percentage of undecided voters in a poll prior to early voting. While any good news-quality poll will have a bigger undecided percentage than a partisan poll or consultants’ polling, this number is higher than usual. Voters are not focusing on this race, or any others, and that is in part due to the non-competitive gubernatorial primary,” Towery said.

“If voter turnout continues to appear ‘uninspired,’ the race could be a matter of just a few points separating the first- and second-place Senate candidates who make the runoff from those who miss ‘the big dance’ by just a few points.


  1. NorthGAGOP says:

    Towery said, “Of note is the movement of Karen Handel to a solid third place. Handel shows the most momentum at the moment. Kingston has solidified second place with his more recent ‘Obamacare’ ad featuring images of Barack Obama engaged in a leaving a faux voicemail for Kingston. But his first round of ads featuring an old station wagon clearly hurt him with female voters, who tend to dominate the metro-Atlanta electorate.”

    • TheEiger says:

      That’s a very nice way for Mr. Towery to say that Kingston’s POS car makes for a POS TV ad. He has had over a million dollars behind those crappy ads and is still stuck at 15%. Karen is up for a week and has tied it up in the polls with him. He should be scared and should fire his ad guy right now because his commercials suck.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Let’s hope undecided means voters that are over publically rehashing the politically eccentric, tired of the side road discussions and, in a private booth, ready to try someone that will focus…..Perdue by elimination…..

  3. xdog says:

    It doesn’t seem fair to point out that Handel and Kingston are statistically tied for 2nd without mentioning that at the same time Handel and Broun are statistically tied for 4th.

    Counting only those who claim to have made a choice, it’s P 28%, K 22%, H 19%, B 16%, G 13%.

  4. Harry says:

    Perdue is an insider who spends millions trying to position himself as the outsider, yet if elected would be the stereotype insider favor trader. Such manipulative behavior probably has an appeal to certain of the political class who don’t realize that this country already has far too many characteristics of an oligopoly. Supposedly he’s leading in the polls. But reality is that people who are easily influenced by television commercials are less likely to show up and vote in a quiet primary. Let’s hope this holds true.

  5. jiminga says:

    It’s hard to believe Perdue is leading while pretty much self funding his run, a “campaign” which offers only criticism and absolutely no solutions. Ah, the power of TV to convince folks that a dollar store CEO can succeed in the Senate because he has “business experience”.

  6. John Konop says:

    I would like to hear from experts on adds from you guys running campaigns….. Would you spend heavy now with less people focused but less competition via message….or do you spend heavy when people are focused but lots of candidates to compete with air time? I wonder with TIVO, NETFLIX… many people see commercials? I know I see way less now…My instincts tell me news and sports is the best buy now….anything people usually watch live…..

    • Will Durant says:

      Can’t speak for everyone else but a sure way for me not to vote for your candidate is to attack the other candidate(s) without having the courage to even name the candidate that you are working for. If Paul Broun’s attributes or lack thereof are so embarrassing that you can’t even give his name then subliminally you are telling me that even you don’t feel he is the right person for the job. I can tell you that that every person I know that identifies as a Democrat, and granted the sample isn’t large, will be crossing over to vote for Paul Broun in the Primary. They feel that he would be the easiest for Michelle Nunn to beat and would also salt the Republican runoff with the most destructive interplay, much like the link you posted here.

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