Smart Girl Politics #sgp Endorses Karen Handel

Smart Girl Politics weighs in on a Georgia race: sgp

Smart Girl Politics Action is proud to endorse Karen Handel in the Georgia U.S. Senate Race.

Karen was the first Republican Secretary of State in Georgia and fought the Obama administration to ensure photo-ID remained in place so that only US citizens could vote.

Karen has been successful in both the public and private sectors, including time as the Vice President of Public Policy for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, where her pro-life beliefs made her a target of the far left.

Karen recently received the endorsement of Sarah Palin and the American Future Fund. Karen has a strong conservative record and is a proven leader, which is why we fully support her candidacy.

Georgia’s primary is May 20. If you live in the Peach State, please be sure to get out and vote. Every vote counts!


  1. greencracker says:

    You know what’s awesome? A thing were women are referred to as “girls” and the logo is a masochist shoe and it’s all trimmed with some pink font. It’s true! I never think about policy without my Manolos and my besties.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Read in the Chronicle of Philanthropy how Komen’s three-day events raised far less than they did after Handel’s “successful” stint at Komen.

    “A July three-day walk in Boston last month suffered a 33 percent loss, to $3.2-million, while Cleveland’s three-day race this month raised $1.9-million, a 24-percent loss from last year’s event.”

    • Harry says:

      And do you suppose that loss of funds has anything to do with Komen’s publicized support of the abortion industry?

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Komen gives a single digit percentage of its funds to Planned Parenthood, an organization that spends 3% of its funds, but no Komen funds, on abortion. Sounds like Komen is a heads over heels supporter of abortion to me.

      • caroline says:

        What Handel did is drag Komen into a political fight that destroyed their brand. And then everybody started looking at the financials of Komen and realizing that a small percentage was actually going towards where it should be going and that the organization had become nothing but a gravy train for a group of elite friends of Nancy Brinker. And that Komen advocated against Medicaid helping people with breast cancer even if they would not help the person.

      • Ellynn says:

        I collected for SGK before and after the Handel PP events. Not once did I have a person tell me they stopped supporting SGK because they support PP. I had many who told me they stopped because SGK made a political statement that went beyond their mission. I had a few who agreed with Carolines statement, and now give their funds elsewhere. I had one that was so annoyed over the whole thing that she now gives the nice $200 check I got eery year over to Plan Parenthood instead.

        The thing was, the majority of the people who would not support a group the supports PP already knew SGK supported PP and where already not giving money to them.

  3. James Fannin says:

    Ellynn: I organized teams for years to be part of SGK “Race for the Cure” events and have personally given close to a $1000 dollars over the years to SGK but was bothered to learn of the grants to the nation’s largest abortion provider because I felt it was inconsistent with Komen’s mission. I have not contributed or organized race teams since. The reason SGK’s board reviewed their grants to Planned Parenthood well before Handel came on board was that pro-life groups and churches were organizing against “race for the cure” participation and Komen’s board recognized they had a problem. I am not surprised to learn that 30 percent of donors like me are no longer interested in supporting a charity that has drifted from its core mission of fighting cancer and is granting funds to an abortion provider. I like Nancy Brinker and Komen but giving money to Planned Parenthood is the kind of mission creep that often dooms a charity and Karen was right to try to get them back on path.

  4. KFowler says:

    What exactly does this Smart Girl Politics endorsement mean? I don’t find them listed as a PAC or Independent Committee either in Georgia or at the Federal level. Do they have hundreds of volunteers who will help Ms Handel? Lots of wealthy donors who will make contributions? Just wondering…

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