Morning Reads — Disturbing News

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Texas Tornados appreciation series continues with “Soy de San Luis.”


    • saltycracker says:

      The debate gets fun as the cyclists cry they already paid in Fed and property taxes and we counter that they paid no road fuel tax or road tag fee and we both know most of the money goes into the general fund black hole.

      If we are going to have tax break for everyone/thing that can influence a politician then they have to pick something back up in a fee or tax for every other reason – besides we prefer to live or die by ten thousand paper cuts (not equally distributed as my connections will give you a few thousand of mine). Much preferred to a simplified tax code that might look huge or fail to give me a better Deal (pun intended).

      Here is California’s $4 bike fee: (In GA it’d cost $10+ to administer)

      CA – 39004. Each licensing agency, by ordinance or resolution, may adopt rules and regulations for the collection of license fees. Revenues from license fees shall be retained by the licensing city or county and shall be used for the support of such bicycle ordinance or resolution, and may be used to reimburse retailers for services rendered. In addition, fees collected shall be used to improve bicycle safety programs and establish bicycle facilities, including bicycle paths and lanes, within the limits of the jurisdiction.

  1. northside101 says:

    “Republicans will expand lead in Legislature.”

    Certainly Ed you don’ t mean the Senate? What is left to win for Republicans in the Senate—Vincent Fort’s 80%+ Democratic district, or Jason Carter’s 70%+ Democratic district (Republicans are running in both?. House is slim pickings, possible to gain one or two or lose that or a little more. Most districts in both chambers went solidly for Romney or Obama, not much really in play.

    Speaking of the Legislature, judging from the AJC story this morning about the House clerk’s car stolen from in front of Capitol in broad daylight Monday afternoon, security isn’t exactly top notch—I guess the parked stationery state patrol cars around the Gold Dome don’t fool the thieves.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      With Georgia’s rapidly-changing demographics that are pushing the state towards ‘majority-minority’ status, I agree with your analysis that Georgia Republicans are likely at or very-near their high-water mark of state political rule with control of all statewide offices and a legislative supermajority.

      Because of the demographics that signify that there likely is not much farther that the Georgia GOP can expand its overwhelming dominance, at this time, the focus for the Georgia GOP probably automatically turns from expansion to doing what they can politically to maintain that legislative supermajority and control of all statewide offices.

      “security isn’t exactly top notch—I guess the parked stationery state patrol cars around the Gold Dome don’t fool the thieves.”

      …The state needs to be careful or the thieves might steal the parked stationary state patrol cars, too.

      Police cars and even police officers’ homes have been broken into and burglarized in Fulton County, so what makes anyone think that criminals are scared of breaking and entering and even stealing the unoccupied vehicles of either cops and civilians in the seedy area that the Capitol sits in?

  2. Harry says:

    Next time an IRS auditor thinks one of my clients is not answering a question, I’m referring ’em to Lois Lerner!

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