Dutton Raises 114k In 56 Days

As mentioned in the daily, the 12th Congressional District race is dominated  in funding by incumbent, Congressman John Barrow.  

Related! Remember US Rep. John Barrow, the guy everybody wants to take on? He’s raised $290,000 and has over “…$400,000 more in the bank than he did at this point in 2012,” according to the Hill. Barrow (who is always described as “the last white congressman from the deep south,” which just seems impossible) will face one of five Republicans currently duking it out amongst themselves to challenge him in the fall. 

However, the ability to raise money in a short amount of time is something to watch.  Congressional candidate Delvis Dutton has raised $114k in 56 days.  Not bad.  The press release is below the fold.  

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April 15, 2014                                                                                             770.265.1404

Delvis Dutton Campaign Raises Over $114k in 56 days  

Statesboro – Today, the Delvis Dutton for Congress campaign announced the details of their 1st Quarter 2014 Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report. The campaign will report raising $114,579.12 since Dutton filed his Statement of Candidacy with the FEC on February 3, 2014. The campaign will also report $104,351.02 cash on hand.

Dutton said of the report, “This report shows the broad support that our campaign has throughout the 12th District. We are very excited about the tremendous support we’ve received in just seven short weeks. I look forward to continuing to visit with voters throughout the district as our campaign and grassroots efforts continue to build on this support.”

Republican Delvis Dutton is a constitutional conservative running for Congress in Georgia’s 12th District in the Republican Primary on May 20th. A Christian, family man, farmer, and a lifelong resident of South Georgia, Delvis grew up working on the family farm and attended Georgia Southern University. At 22, he started a small water-well drilling business, General Pump and Well, which has serviced customers in 15 of the 19 counties in the 12th District. He now lives in Glennville with his wife Danielle and their two children.

To learn more about Delvis Dutton, please visit: www.DelvisDutton.com


  1. xdog says:

    Since legislators can’t raise money while the lege is in session, Dutton’s fundraising is even more impressive. His path to becoming the newest notch on Barrow’s gun is clear. Go Delvis!

    • LawDawg09 says:

      I believe the prohibition only applies to their state rep accounts. If a state rep is running for federal office, they are still allowed to raise money for that race while the General Assembly is in session.

  2. Mike Stucka says:

    Three notes:
    — Barrow raised $292,722 in the latest three months.
    — The Republican race is fragmented, so donations may be held or spread among multiple candidates, and expenses may be heavy for the primary.
    — Outside spending may well dwarf what the candidates raise and spend directly. It happened last time IIRC.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      ” Outside spending may well dwarf what the candidates raise and spend directly. It happened last time IIRC”

      That’s true. But one thing I learned from last cycle is the these outside group dump a bunch of money into districts with no real strategy. They buy a bunch of ad time and play their poorly made ads over and over again. When too many groups get involved there is no coherent, synchronized message, voters don’t know what to think and nothing sticks. Last cycle in the 12th, there were millions of outside dollars spent, but the only thing that really resonated were the cleverly made from the Barrow campaign.

  3. xdog says:

    Thanks, LawDawg09. I wasn’t aware of the difference.

    (Posted here since the REPLY button isn’t enabled for some reason.

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