Former Newt Aide Launches TV Ad in Georgia 1st District

Former Newt Gingrich aide John McCallum, a GOP candidate in Georgia’s First Congressional District, launched an anti-Obamacare TV ad on Tuesday.

“As a result of Obamacare, millions of Americans have seen their policies cancelled, premiums increase, and choices disappear,” said McCallum. “This big government boondoggle is Washington’s latest attempt to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to every challenge facing America … At the end of the day, Obamacare has got to go.”


    • Back in Black says:

      I think you meant to write ‘insured’ since you are a sock puppet for Obama. But you are correct that millions have lost their insurance. Many cancer patients are also losing their doctors because of Obamacare. Let’s hope that national polls are correct that voters will actually vote on the issue Obamacare, on this we agree.

  1. Ellynn says:

    Yawn… says the this 1st district voter. He’s not telling me anything new.

    Buddy Carter (who’s ad sounds like it was written by the same people who wrote and edited Kingston’s life story ad) has a cute baby granddaughter in his. But again, not telling me any thing new.

  2. northside101 says:

    Buddy is presumed to be the frontrunner in this district as he already represents a large portion of CD 1—one-fourth of CD 1 consists of Carter’s Senate District 1 (SD 1 takes in most of Liberty County, all of Bryan County and suburban parts of Chatham County). McCallum’s challenge is breaking into the Savannah voting market and also fending off Jeff Chapman in his home area, no insignificant task given that Chatham is much larger than Glynn County, the latter home of McCallum and Chapman. In the 2010 GOP primary for governor, Chatham outvoted Glynn by 16,725 to 10,008; in the March 2012 presidential primary (GOP), the gap was even greater, 18,828 votes in Chatham to 8,820 in Glynn. Both times, Chatham accounted for about a third of the GOP primary vote in the current CD 1, with Glynn less than 20 percent.

    AJC had recent profile on CD 1, how primary electorate is different from other districts outside metro Atlanta, in part because of the large number of northern transplants on the coast. That could be seen in Mitt Romney’s respectable showing here in the 2012 pres primary, getting 31 percent in CD 1 (his third best percentage among Georgia’s 14 congressional districts), in the process winning Chatham County (the only county outside of metro Atlanta that Romney won in the pres primary). More a moderate/libertarian-type electorate than you would find in other areas outside metro Atlanta. Not that this is particularly new; even way back in 1992, when Chatham County backed the first President Bush’s re-election over Bill Clinton, that county also gave overwhelming support (60 percent) to the state lottery—and Chatham was less heavily black/more politically marginal then than it is today. Glynn County also backed the lottery way back then.

    In November, it will be interesting to see if the Democrats can mount much of a campaign here. CD 1 became less Republican in the 2011-adopted congressional map, as all of Chatham (which backed Obama in 2008 and 2012) was placed in CD 1 to weaken John Barrow in CD 12 (Barrow picked up most of heavily GOP Columbia County in redistricting, while losing the Democratic portion of Chatham). Romney got 56 percent here in CD 1 last time (close to what he got in Barrow’s district), but that was far below the 60%+ showings Romney had in the other GOP-held districts in the state (like the 66 percent Romney got in Lynn Westmoreland’s CD 3 and the 78 percent Romney took in Doug Collins’s CD 9). Odds favor GOP as though Chatham (40%+ of the district) often votes Democratic for statewide offices, the only other reliably Democratic county in the district is Liberty; most of the other CD 1 counties are strongly Republican.

    Also interesting to see: the Perdue-Kingston battle in this district May 20—obviously both want strong showings here to lessen the number of votes they need to get in vote-rich metro Atlanta to make the runoff. In the July 2010 primary for governor, CD 1 under current boundaries cast about 52,000 votes, with Eric Johnson taking 41 percent, Handel 21, John Oxendine 14 and Deal just 6 (most of the remaining 17 went to Jeff Chapman). Kingston certainly wants to match the 71 percent Johnson got in Chatham in that primary.

    • Ellynn says:

      Also, alot of offices have no democrate running for the local seats in this district, so the primary is the only shot you have for picking who gets the seat. Plus Chatham County has the GENERAL for the School Board Chairmen to replace Joe Buck. Bryan CO has only one contested race, and it’s for the GOP canidate.

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