Morning Reads: 14 April 2014

This weekend was the Masters for sure, but many also got a chance to watch a Spring game. 136 days until College football is back. Don’t forget that tax day is tomorrow. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


Deadline to register to vote is looming near. Likely not a problem for our audience, but maybe for your friends.
Changes in tag fees could help  increase non-game animal conservation.
Atlanta Traffic reporting will never be the same. RIP Captain Herb.
In case there was any doubt about the importance of the Port of Savannah.
UGA Alum, Bubba Watson, wins the 78th Masters Tournament.


If you don’t know what Heartbleed is, you need to go read this.
Curious about who the new head of Obamacare will be, here’s a quick run down.
We haven’t even had the ’14 mid terms and the ‘16 presidential campaigns are already underway.
Ukraine still isn’t settling down.
There’s gonna be a runoff in Afghanistan, this will likely cause some problems with the timeline for a new SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement).

Everything Else

Sid Meier, Civilization, and Foreign Policy.
Even the Pope takes some Selfies.


  1. Raleigh says:

    Chalk another one up to the rule of unintended consequences. I will still refuse to buy a specialty tag. You’re much better off to send the money directly to your cause rather than the state getting a cut for the “general fund.” What we need is a law that forces tax money collected for a particular purpose only be spent on said purpose or the tax is automatically repealed.

  2. Noway says:

    Sad about Captain Herb. WSB has been kind of snake-bit of late. First, Royal Marshall, now Herb. I always liked the way he did the Santa calls with the kids on Christmas Eve. Just damn…

  3. Ellynn says:

    I LOVE Sid Meier’s Civilization game. I play with my nephew a few hours every week. He has yet figure out how to beat me or the AI still left out of our game of 6 players.

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