HBCU/Home Depot “Retool Your School”

Home Depot is having a contest for you to vote for which Historically Black College & University should receive a grant to help with a project at the school.  You’ll note from this list that there are a large number of Georgia institutions represented.

In doing a quick scan of the participating schools, I chose to vote for Albany State University.  Why?  They’re still trying to complete repairs/upgrades from the 1994 flood.  Folks, that was twenty years ago.  That’s like, before a lot of their students were born.

Voting ends at midnight tomorrow (4/15), and you can vote once each day.  Thus, vote tonight and you can vote again tomorrow.  Choose the school of your choice, but if you want to collectively pool our votes here, I would think that finishing off flood repairs from two decades ago seems worthy.

H/T Atlanta Daily World