Speaker David Ralston has a war on his hands.  From the Peach Pundit Daily (which you really should sign up to receive if you haven’t already):

Debbie Dooley And Ray Boyd Join Forces To Do Battle With David Ralston.  Debbie Dooley of the Atlanta TEA Party is on a mission to see House Speaker Davld Ralston defeated by challenger Sam Snider and she now has an ally in Ray Boyd (who wanted to run for Governor as a Republican but refused to sign a “loyalty oath.”).  Boyd has taken out a full page ad in the Elijay Time-Courier in support of Snider and against Ralston.  Dooley has vowed in emails to TEA Party supporters to bring her legions to the mountians to campaign against Ralston and has created a “wall of shame” to list House members who dared to attend a campaign event Ralston held last week.  Dooley and Boyd may succeed but we’re not holding out breath. Mountain residents don’t like “outsiders” coming in and telling them how to vote.

Is the Atlanta TEA Party leading the charge? I mean, Debbie Dooley’s name is synonymous with the Atlanta TEA Party, right? Those of us north of the metro area (at least, the TEA Party candidates and leadership) talk about being “outside the influence of Atlanta”. So, if that’s the case, then why does it seem that the leader of the Atlanta TEA Party is dabbling in Republican politics outside of Atlanta?

I have heard, and I wouldn’t doubt, that Ms. Dooley was in northwest Georgia advising Steve Tarvin during the special election a few months ago. I also wouldn’t doubt that she might stick her nose in the District 1 House race (I’ve heard rumor of “an army” of TEA Party folks going door-to-door against incumbent Representative John Deffenbaugh, but I don’t know if that would necessarily be connected with Ms. Dooley or not), but I wonder the likelihood of that since the defeat of Speaker Ralston would be a much bigger prize for the TEA Party warrior.


  1. Michael Silver says:

    The claim that he “gutted the gun bill” is FALSE … AN OUTRAGEOUS LIE … UNTRUTH… BULL HOCKEY!

    There would have been no gun bill without his efforts. He and his folks fought an uphill battle against the efforts of the Senate Republicans and the Lt. Gov. to kill it.

    A visible example of the anti-gun efforts of the Governor is the judgeship he plans to offer to SENATOR stone if he would weaken the gun bill. SENATOR stone did in fact weaken the gun bill in Committee and then later with a visible threat about who will be on a Conference Committee if the House didn’t agree with the bill the Senate passed.

    To those of us paying attention, Speaker Ralston was an strong and effective ally against our anti-gun Lt.Gov, Gov. and Senate.

    The claim that he “gutted the gun bill” is an offensive lie!

  2. sethweathers says:

    Dooley was not in District 2 for Tarvin’s race or advising it. She did call and offer to bring volunteers into the district but it just never panned out with everyone’s schedules.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    I wonder if she’ll bring Lieutenant Governor Ralph Reed with her when she goes to visit the mountains

  4. AlanPainter says:

    Never spoke to Ms Dooley, never emailed with Ms Dooley about any topic.

    There are no plans for any army of anybody (unless you count my wife and son) doing door-to-door for the Primary in House District 1.

    I think it is shameful of this author who lives in House District 1 not to at least ask basic questions for rumor control before writing about it.

    It is even more shameful that the author fails to mention of how much outside District 1 money has been given to Rep Deffenbaugh to control his bigger government, higher taxes message.

    Alan Painter HD 1

    • Nathan says:

      Alan, we deal in political rumor and speculation here at Peach Pundit. That’s what I did in my post…it’s speculation, and not once did I say it was a matter of fact.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Nathan, pretty clear you are still smarting over the fact your candidate for Walker GOP Chair lost.

  5. Patrick T. Malone says:

    I have often thought she was the female equivalent of William Perry and the Caucasian version of Senator Vincent Fort – lots of FaceTime , little of substance.

  6. Harry says:

    From Infowars:
    Sniper rifles and a swarm of militarized “agents” – to control cows grazing on scrub range land ????? Really ???
    Cui bono? Who benefits?
    Former senior adviser to Senator Harry Reid is now the director of the Bureau of Land management (BLM).
    BLM using taxpayer funds and power to force land grab – related to solar development, by Chinese. “Richard Bryan, who has an extensive history in the state’s political system — a former Nevada governor, attorney general, and U.S. senator — heads the Chinese energy firm.” http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/energy/item/12730-harry-reid-bolsters-son%E2%80%99s-interests-in-chinese-solar-plant-deal
    Senator Reid’s son, Rory, is a lawyer representing Chinese interests ($$$).
    Chinese firm acquires public land – below appraised value ($$$).
    Years of documentation being ignored in media coverage. They seem to want to frame it as legitimate government action being opposed by radical militia elements. (Change the story and target alternate opponents.)
    Propaganda machine covering for corrupt Nevada crime syndicate – hiding in plain sight.

      • Harry says:

        I thought the topic was WAR! and my war is more topical than your war. Plus, your fearless leader Harry Reid appears to be implicated in this one. Forget Ralston, Harry Reid is the high hanging fruit. Choose to ignore at your own risk.

  7. Ridgerunner says:

    Alan, looks like normal Peach Pundit material to me–I just don’t see anything shameful in this article. But then, I’m not Deffenbaugh’s opponent.

  8. Matt Stout says:

    There will be wars and rumors of wars. Peach Pundit is the official distributor of the rumors of wars. That’s what political pundits do, yes?

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Nathan, If Ralston and his cronies have an issue with people outside the 7th being involved with elections, then perhaps Speaker Ralston should give the over $ 800,000 he has received in campaigns donations he received from people outside his district.

    Tea party activists in Gilmer County asked me to help them

    Nathan and some others , I never have believed in reincarnation until I read this post. It is clear you have a superior intellect like Albert Einstein.

    I am bowing down to you guys and your superior intellect.

    You sure know everything. I really appreciate the time you have taken away from your Mensa meetings to honor us by imparting your infinite words of wisdom in regard to the Ralston race
    Please continue to impart words of wisdom

      • debbie0040 says:

        FYI, Atlanta Tea Party is statewide not just Atlanta. I don’t even live in Atlanta. I am one of the State Coordinators in Georgia for Tea Party Patriots and also serve on the Board of Directors of Tea Party Patriots. Tea Party Patriots formed a PAC this year. I am working very closely with tea party activists in the 7th District.

        • Michael Silver says:

          Why is the Tea Party going after Speaker Ralston?

          In my not so humble opinion, he is the one leader closest to Tea Party principles in state government.

          Your letter claimed he watered down the gun-bill, which as I mentioned above is not true. The House passed at least 4 versions of the gun bill that were much more expansive than what the Lt. Gov and Gov allowed to be finally passed. The Gov even promised Senator Stone a judgeship to weaken if not kill the gun bill, and to make sure campus carry was not in the final product.

          Regarding the Autism bill, how is a government mandate from Republicans that increases the costs of insurance for all any different than a government mandate from Obama? There are good financial and government policy reasons to oppose the Autism coverage, ie the cost, who will pay, and the inevitable unintended consequence of Georgian’s losing coverage, ie more people on medicaid.

          The common core bill failed because Senator Lignon couldn’t explain what it did, why was needed, or what the end result would be. After witnessing the Machiavellian efforts Governor Deal and Lt. Gov Cagle went through to try to kill the gun bill, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sen. Lignon’s incompetence and cluelessness wasn’t an intentional strategy to lay the blame for not stopping common core on the steps of the Speaker’s Office.

          I could go on but it looks like the Tea Party is going against an ally and someone very close to it in philosophy. At the same time, allowing Big-Government Small-Liberty politicians like Deal and Cagle get re-elected without opposition.

          The Tea Party has lots of ways to make a mark. Support Pennington, do a write-in campaign against Cagle, target specific Senators like Balfour, Stone, etc.

          Frankly, targeting Speaker Ralston is eating your own.

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