Jack Kingston Picks Up Endorsement from Sean Hannity

Conservative talker Sean Hannity is endorsing Jack Kingston in the Georgia Republican Senate primary. The Kingston campaign released this statement this morning:

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity has endorsed Jack Kingston in the Georgia Republican Senate primary.

Hannity described Kingston as a, “bright, solid, incredible conservative,” on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“I have known Jack Kingston for 20 years,” Hannity said in a statement. “He’s a solid Ronald Reagan Republican and my choice in the Georgia Senate race. Jack will join the conservative coalition in the U.S. Senate.”

“We are honored to have Sean Hannity on our team,” said Kingston. “He’s been a voice for conservative values and a real fighter for our cause.”

Prior to joining Fox Television and getting his nationally syndicated radio show, Hannity had a morning talk show on the old WGST, opposite Neal Boortz on WSB.

Now retired, Boortz recently tweeted this:


    • Will Durant says:

      If they want to go for the personality with the most name recognition among Georgia voters then one of them needs to be courting Honey Boo Boo’s endorsement. At least Boortz was up front with the fact that he was first and foremost an entertainer, if people took him serious after that then that was their own problem.

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