Campaign Disclosure Reports For State Senate, House Candidates.

Below are spreadsheets showing the cash on hand as of the 3/31/14 report for state House and Senate incumbents and candidates. The sheet for statewide candidates is posted here.

Disclaimer: If a candidate’s report is not shown, it does not necessarily mean that candidate is late in filing the report. A technical glitch could explain the lack of a report.

The full state House spreadsheet can be viewed here.

The full state Senate spreadsheet can be viewed here.


    • These reports are not financial statements. They are reports of money raised versus money spent and don’t necessarily fit with generally accepted accounting principles. This is a government report after all.

      Personally, I would like to see these reports revised to become more like financial statements.

      • Howard Roark says:

        If you have a negative balance, you are spending money that you have not reported. It seems that would be a violation of campaign finance law?

        • No, they could be money owed to vendors that are unpaid.

          Again, making these reports more like financial statements would show things like accounts payable and give the public a more accurate picture of what a campaign is doing with their money.

          • Harry says:

            That’s a great idea to have campaigns report a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement – using an online form.

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