Remembering Greatness — Morning Reads

Now that the NCAA Tournament is over, let us relive the greatest moment in the event’s history: Georgia State’s win over Wisconsin at the 2001 edition of the tournament.

“Crossing” by Wooden Shjips is probably the best song of the year so far. 


    • Ed says:

      Thanks. Here it is:

      Will update shortly

    • drjay says:

      mrs. wilkes is amazing—lady and sons is still around–they closed the seafood place on wilmington island–uncle bubba’s (the one from the lawsuit) and frankly the whole thing is shadier than the time article makes it sound–there were barricades at the entrance and deputies escorting employees into the building to get personal belongings…it was all very sudden…

        • John Vestal says:

          Great stuff….used to be a William’s on Windy Hill Rd in Marietta many years ago. There was also a small shop on Ponce that sold some of their stuff frozen (like the deviled crab).

          Palmer’s was another great one….terrific steamed/broiled seafood. They closed over 15 years ago.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        Yeah. Up until the day before, they were selling gift cards that are now worthless. No word on if people can get their money back.

        A friend who worked there said just the day before, they were being asked about the next week’s wait staff schedule. She found out by a facebook share. No call from managers or anything. The suddenness of it all leaves the most bitter of tastes in a lot of mouths. Even if they wanted to sell to developers, why not give notice? There is more to this story.

      • Ellynn says:

        You would have a hard time developing that site for anything not commerical. It’s zone as such and that area has to have a residence first floor 13 feet heigher then the current building for flood, and the wind debris zoning for the glass will cost more then my current condo is worth.
        Also it on Whitemarsh Island…

        • drjay says:

          ok whitemarsh–to someone on the westside it all kinda seems to run together until you get to tybee…

          the uncle bubbas thing sounds like a tax seizure to me.

  1. penguin says:

    “Women’s rights will be his next cause celebre for Jimmy Carter.” – actually I believe he said that he would the REST of his life to the cause. Pointing out that women’s rights is low-hanging fruit and a measure of all human rights.
    It’d be interesting for someone to ask his grandson if he shares in such fervor. Also, whether he shares his grandmother’s concern for the mentally ill..

  2. Ellynn says:

    I find it very sad your only glory is beating the badgers durning one of their worst seasons in the last 20 years… (typed while humming On Wisconsin…)

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