Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

On this day, Hank’s 715th was hammered in 1974, and Macedonia joined the UN in 1993. You may hug any Macedonian you run across, and hugging Hank Aaron is always allowed. Your Morning reads after the jump:



  • Average Is Over: Why The Skills Required For Great Jobs Are Changing (Farnam Street)
  • Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh is doing some beachfront rearranging (NY Times)
  • In 2036, Global Warming will become irreversible fact (Scientific American)
  • Between water fights and scrounging for food, your days will be packed (io9)
  • Why Those Guys Won the their Nobel Prize (Harvard Business Review)
  • How a car-sharing empire lives and dies (The Verge)
  • No, America is not broke (The Great Debate)
  • Raiderette sues team to be paid like normal folk(ESPN)
  • Apple’s First Icons were not made by a man (Priceonomics)
  • The CIA Agent You’re not Smarter Than (NPR)
  • US secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest (Big Story)
  • GOP fears Obamacare success  (Talking Points Memo)
  • Big Cities’ Soaring Housing Costs Driving Away those with wherewithal (Real Time Economics)
  • Americans finally understand that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol (WonkBlog)


  • Moral Monday demands Medicaid expansion (WSB)
  • While Deal signs tax breaks to keep him in the mansion (ajc)
  • Deal tries again to cause an ethics department eruption, (SavannahMorningNews)
  • perhaps he senses potential corruption disruption?
  • Hawks seek gulch aerie from which new fandom will hatch (Saporta)
  • Ralston meets opponent, who seems overmatched (GilmerCounty)
  • Canadians have opinions on Georgia’s gun bill (CBC)
  • As Florida digs deep to try to out-kill (TampaBayTimes)






  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    ◾”Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh is doing some beachfront rearranging (NY Times)” (climate change propaganda piece)
    ◾”In 2036, Global Warming will become irreversible fact (Scientific American)” (climate change propaganda piece)
    ◾”Between water fights and scrounging for food, your days will be packed” (climate change propaganda piece)
    ◾”No, America is not broke” (biased piece that shamelessly advocates for more big government tax-and-spend liberalism)
    ◾”GOP fears Obamacare success” (Obamacare big government expansion propaganda fluff piece)
    ◾”Moral Monday demands Medicaid expansion” (another Obamacare big government expansion propaganda fluff piece)
    ◾”Canadians have opinions on Georgia’s gun bill (CBC)” (anti-gun rights propaganda piece)
    ◾”As Florida digs deep to try to out-kill” (anti-gun rights propaganda piece)

    Thanks for the news, Stefan.

    …Even though most of the “news” seems to clearly have a definitively left-of-center liberal activist slant to it this morning. Though thanks anyway, I guess.

    • Stefan says:

      The goal was to foment dissent in the comments, but of course, it takes little effort to provoke such a response from you, so I don’t feel I’ve achieved anything so far. Since our commentariat is right-leaning, I figured a left hand tilt would be the best bet. Second, you may have noticed that I have changed almost all of the headlines above. Yes, that’s so they rhyme, but it is also as a commentary on the content of the article. The first one you mention has an original headline of “Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh Confronts the Consequences of Climate Change”, which I’ve changed to “Facing rising Seas, Bangladesh is doing some beachfront rearranging,” which is either unnecessarily flippant or a comment on the nature of the piece. You choose to think it is an approving nod.

      That said, if you think climate change is propaganda I’m not sure there’s much for us to discuss.

      Third, I intentionally read stuff I disagree with all the time. You should try putting down your confirmation bias for a moment while choosing your material, you might get some new perspective.

      But “thanks anyway”, I guess, El Dig.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        “That said, if you think climate change is propaganda I’m not sure there’s much for us to discuss.”

        So basically what you are saying is that anyone who does not subscribe to the same left-wing ideology and liberal theories that you believe in is not even worth talking to.

        That attitude right there is a prime example of why Democrats have increasingly found themselves on the outside looking in of Georgia politics and culture for the past 12 years.

        Increasingly liberal Democrats thought that they were too good to talk to conservative Georgia voters. So those conservative Georgia voters started talking to Republicans who despite their incredible dysfunction during their reign over state politics (and make no mistake, Georgia Republicans have been INCREDIBLY dysfunctional at times during their 12 years in power), do at least make some kind of very-minimal effort to talk to a Conservative electorate (even if much of that talk is lazy and shameless pandering in place of actual governing).

        • Ed says:

          Might as well be time to remind you that your two-sentence limit per post has never been lifted.

    • MattMD says:

      I have a serious question: why do you call yourself a democrat?

      Honestly, you remind me of Harry.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        “I have a serious question: why do you call yourself a democrat?”

        …That’s a good question, because as we all know, one absolutely must be a flaming liberal who believes religiously in the “global climate change” hoax, raising taxes, increasing government spending, massively expanding the size of government and trampling over Second Amendment rights by confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens to be a Democrat these days. Anyone who does not fervently subscribe to the aforementioned far-left wing agenda must be a big, bad Republican who hates people and every living thing on the planet, right?

        I know that some modern-day liberals may find this hard to believe, but there was actually a time not too terribly long ago when most of the Democrats around these parts used to be Conservatives. Ask your parents and grandparents about it.

        “Honestly, you remind me of Harry.”

        …Harry’s a nice guy, so I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.

        • MattMD says:

          Well, if you want to be a clown about it, just ignore the question next time.

          I damn sure Georgia was all the way in FDR’s corner and I know my grandmother was…

          He must be one of those conservatives you speak of, correct?

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            During the FDR years, around these parts it didn’t matter whether or not FDR himself might or might not have been a Conservative Democrat, it only mattered that he was a Democrat, and a very-popular one at that.

            Like in the Georgia of today where Democrats are a rarity in statewide politics, Republicans were extremely rare in the Georgia of the FDR era when virtually everyone in Georgia was a Democrat.

            • Jon Lester says:

              I remember, as recently as the mid-80’s, offices in Oglethorpe County (which has never been “liberal,” as we use the term) were effectively won in the August primaries, because everyone was a nominal Democrat.

  2. LauraGraceB says:

    OK, I am SO thrilled to have Tuesday Reads again rhyme,
    That I reset my password and proved I”m a human, and that took time;
    So important was it to me to show my gratitude
    That I’m posting this comment with a thankful attitude.


  3. LauraGraceB says:

    Last Democrat in Georgia: If you are going to complain at any length, at least rhyme your lines! It’s the least you can do!

  4. Jon Lester says:

    So America is “not broke” by certain reckoning, but that’s no reason to go wasting billions in places like Ukraine just to make matters worse, while also acting like there isn’t any money for education, infrastructure or the social safety net. We could be taking care of all those domestic matters and still have smaller government, if we’d end corporate welfare and other anti-market subsidies.

    And hey, Georgians have opinions about Canadians, too! Whether or not it’s a result of Biebermania, we see that former bastion of progressive thought in the hands of Canada Free Press readers and the dysfunction they bring. That’s not any of our doing.

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